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General Programming

  Mehdi Gholam Updated: 15 Feb 2017    Bookmarked: 4 Mar 2012    
Smallest, fastest polymorphic JSON serializer (with Silverlight4 and MonoDroid support)
  axuno Updated: 2 Jan 2017    Bookmarked: 14 Jun 2010    
MailMergeLib is an SMTP template mail client library written in C# which provides comfortable mail merge capabilities and SMTP fail-over features.
  Syed Moshiur Murshed Updated: 24 May 2006    Bookmarked: 30 Apr 2010    
Send E-Mail from your .NET application using your GMail Account

Web Development

  Ashley van Gerven Updated: 28 Aug 2006    Bookmarked: 26 Aug 2011    
A cross-browser container control for a DataGrid to freeze the header row and sync the header when the DataGrid is scrolled horizontally.
  Slavko.Parezanin Updated: 28 Jun 2011    Bookmarked: 4 Jul 2011    
jQuery widget for autocompletion of categorized data through the hierarchies
  Mike Ellison Updated: 4 Mar 2007    Bookmarked: 22 Jun 2011    
Combining a BuildProvider and IExtenderProvider to create a declarative framework for conditional formatting in ASP.NET GridViews.
  Veera V Satya N Kanithi Updated: 11 Mar 2007    Bookmarked: 22 Jun 2011    
How to Create a Nested DataGrid in ASP.NET Using C#
  Mykola Tarasyuk Updated: 20 Mar 2009    Bookmarked: 22 Jun 2011    
My solution is not the first; however, I think, it is rather universal and very short - less than 20 lines of the code...
  Prakash Varun 2010 Updated: 11 Mar 2010    Bookmarked: 22 Jun 2011    
This article provides you with the solution of scrolling Grid View with fixed Header in ASP.NET.
  padmanabhan N Updated: 19 May 2009    Bookmarked: 4 Oct 2009    
Provides a clear idea about working with the GridView.
  Declan Bright Updated: 14 Nov 2009    Bookmarked: 4 Oct 2009    
Edit individual GridView cells without putting the entire row into edit mode.Examples using the SqlDataSource and ObjectDataSource controls are included.
  Shameel Updated: 8 Aug 2011    Bookmarked: 4 Jul 2011    
The MultiDropdown control allows selection of multiple items from a checkable list of dropdown items. The latest version allow searching items.
  Andrei Bozantan Updated: 5 Dec 2005    Bookmarked: 22 Jun 2011    
A control which displays hierarchical data using the ASP.NET DataGrid or GridView control.
  blong Updated: 3 Jan 2003    Bookmarked: 9 Oct 2009    
How to build a chart control with full design-time support.
  Shivprasad koirala Updated: 4 Mar 2014    Bookmarked: 18 Jul 2011    
Best Practice No. 4: Improve bandwidth performance of ASP.NET sites using IIS compression.
  Dario Solera Updated: 10 Jul 2006    Bookmarked: 27 Jun 2011    
How to compress the ViewState of ASP.NET pages and save bandwidth.
  Daniel Fruzynski Updated: 11 Apr 2005    Bookmarked: 27 Jun 2011    
How to reduce DataGrid's ViewState size, while maintaining all DataGrid's functionalities.

Development Lifecycle

  tetsushmz Updated: 17 Jun 2010    Bookmarked: 30 Aug 2011    
This article explains a way to create a Windows Forms app with the thinnest possible Form.cs files.
  Avtar Sohi Updated: 20 Jul 2011    Bookmarked: 25 Jul 2011    
An article on the basics of UI design pattern MVC, MVP and MVVM


  Corinna John Updated: 12 Nov 2012    Bookmarked: 28 Dec 2011    
Edit AVI files in .NET.
  mariscn Updated: 13 Feb 2010    Bookmarked: 13 Nov 2012    
Capture an HTML document as an image.
  qlipoth Updated: 21 Aug 2010    Bookmarked: 9 May 2011    
An example of how to process an image for barcode strings
  Brad Barnhill Updated: 12 Nov 2014    Bookmarked: 9 May 2011    
This library was designed to provide a class for developers to use, that allows generation of barcode images from a string of data.
  Piyush Patell Updated: 5 Aug 2010    Bookmarked: 9 May 2011    
Scan the PDF file and recognize if it contains the Barcode or not
  Berend Engelbrecht Updated: 19 Oct 2009    Bookmarked: 23 Nov 2009    
Detects Code39, EAN, and Code128 barcodes in an image.
  adriancs Updated: 9 May 2014    Bookmarked: 10 May 2014    
A C# universal AES Encryption Library.
  pdwolf Updated: 18 Aug 2003    Bookmarked: 28 Dec 2011    
A generic encryption & decryption class wrapper for C#.
  Toby Emden Updated: 22 Dec 2006    Bookmarked: 5 Aug 2009    
An introduction to key cryptographic concepts supported by the .NET Framework.
  wumpus1 Updated: 28 Jan 2007    Bookmarked: 5 Aug 2009    
A simple, string-oriented class for symmetric encryption, asymmetric encryption, and hashing.

General Reading

  Teo Lachev Updated: 5 Jan 2005    Bookmarked: 16 Oct 2009    
Introducing Microsoft Reporting Services.

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