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Web Development

  Pranay Rana Updated: 3 Feb 2011    Bookmarked: 1 Feb 2011    
Create, Host (Self Hosting, IIS hosting) and Consume WCF Service
  I. Benian Updated: 7 Sep 2010    Bookmarked: 14 Sep 2010    
An experiemental streaming implementation to reduce response time and increase throughput for highly composable/scalable web services.
  Mohamad K. Ayyash Updated: 15 Jul 2010    Bookmarked: 15 Jul 2010    
A detailed development of a simple ASP.NET web service, in addition to configuring IIS server to host the service, finally creating an ASP.NET, Java and PHP web clients that consume the service.

General Programming

  Farhad Hazraty Eini Updated: 20 Sep 2011    Bookmarked: 19 Sep 2011    
This is a proxy server with a client that can encrypt your browser request.
  Jesper A Nielsen Updated: 30 Jul 2010    Bookmarked: 30 Jul 2010    
This article is a technical overview of the Session Description Protocol, and is designed for Java, C#, and VB programmers who want a quick low-level guide to the workings and details of the protocol.
  MaasOne Updated: 8 Jan 2015    Bookmarked: 16 Jul 2010    
Download financial data, managing online portfolio or using Search BOSS from Yahoo! with .NET
  Wayne Ye Updated: 16 Aug 2011    Bookmarked: 14 Jun 2011    
HTML5 WebSocket defines a bi-directional, full-duplex communication channel operates through a single TCP connection, this article discusses its fantastic performance, the WebSocket protocol principle and its handshake mechanism, and develop a WebSocket application in action (Team Poker).
  Modesty Zhang Updated: 14 Jan 2011    Bookmarked: 20 Jan 2011    
Introducing a simplified semantic HTML5 tags based page layout, together with a basic HTML5 template and CSS sources.
  John Doherty Updated: 1 Feb 2011    Bookmarked: 1 Feb 2011    
Use CSS Selectors as lightweight key value pairs; automatically bound to elements at runtime using the bindCssData method.
  Modesty Zhang Updated: 19 Nov 2010    Bookmarked: 6 Dec 2010    
Session Management, Navigation, Security and Data Sharing aspects of SOHA - Service Oriented HTML Application
  Brij Updated: 13 Apr 2011    Bookmarked: 13 Apr 2011    
This article gives a brief idea about state management and discusses the variuos approcahes for handling it in a Web Farm/Web Garden scenario.
  Al-Farooque Shubho Updated: 14 Dec 2010    Bookmarked: 13 Dec 2010    
Demonstration of a distributed caching engine for ASP.NET applications deployed under a load-balanced environment in a web farm, which is built on top of WCF and the Microsoft Caching Application Block.
  Skynet_Code Updated: 7 Dec 2010    Bookmarked: 13 Dec 2010    
HTML and JavaScript code injection techniques.
  Sacha Barber Updated: 13 Dec 2010    Bookmarked: 13 Dec 2010    
Shows how to use OpenID with ASP.NET MVC Forms Authentication.
  ITFunda Updated: 14 Jun 2011    Bookmarked: 15 Jun 2011    
In this article, we are going to learn how to avoid the Session fixation vulnerability in ASP.NET.

Development Lifecycle

  Mahmudul Haque Azad Updated: 7 Mar 2011    Bookmarked: 1 Feb 2011    
This article contains step by step instructions to implement BDD in .NET project using Specflow and MBUnit.
  Mahmudul Haque Azad Updated: 6 Feb 2011    Bookmarked: 1 Feb 2011    
This article describes the natural evolution of BDD from common problems of developers not following TDD properly. It also describes a bit about Domain Driven Design (DDD) and Domain Specific Language (DSL) which are naturally connected with BDD.
  Ishay Ventura Updated: 6 Jan 2011    Bookmarked: 7 Jan 2011    
An introduction to philosophy-based patterns.
  Paul Rony Updated: 15 Dec 2010    Bookmarked: 19 Dec 2010    
Commercial Open-Source licensing and Business Rules Engine
  Albin Abel Updated: 2 Dec 2010    Bookmarked: 6 Dec 2010    
Observer pattern is an excellent technique to deal with one to many relationships among objects.
  Dave Midgley Updated: 3 Nov 2010    Bookmarked: 3 Nov 2010    
.NET delegates and Generics allow for an elegant implementation of the Command pattern.
  Gary H Guo Updated: 30 Sep 2010    Bookmarked: 26 Aug 2010    
Extend functionality of an object without modifying its class or writing decoration code during design time
  Nirosh Updated: 11 Dec 2013    Bookmarked: 10 Aug 2010    
This article gives an introduction to system designing and architecture. It introduces a new concept that allows beginners to easily break and design complex software systems. It uses a modular based development approach with a pattern that we all practice in our day to day life.
  Al-Farooque Shubho Updated: 9 Aug 2010    Bookmarked: 2 Aug 2010    
Learning Object Oriented Design Patterns through an interesting conversation.
  Nirosh Updated: 4 Feb 2015    Bookmarked: 27 Jul 2010    
This article helps to understand OOP concepts, focusing on .NET/ C#. This is written in the form of asking questions and writing answers to them, making it easy to understand.
  alanliu0110, fendyzhong Updated: 21 Jul 2010    Bookmarked: 21 Jul 2010    
AOP can be exploited to implement functional requirements, in addition to non-function requirements such as security, transaction and etc. In this article, you'll also see examples of MVP and Memento patterns.

Platforms, Frameworks & Libraries

  Zhiwei Liu Updated: 23 Feb 2009    Bookmarked: 21 May 2011    
A beginner's guide to creating COM/DCOM server and client under .NET 2008 environment.
  Andy Pennell Updated: 6 Mar 2002    Bookmarked: 30 Nov 2011    
This article describes how minidumps work, how to make your application create them when it crashes, and how to read them back with Visual Studio .NET.
  Sonal.India Updated: 28 Sep 2010    Bookmarked: 28 Apr 2011    
Kick Start Using WinDBG and SOS
  Kendall Miller Updated: 16 Jul 2009    Bookmarked: 28 Jun 2011    
By implementing a single instance string store, you can significantly reduce the memory footprint of your application.

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