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Desktop Development

  hanifku Updated: 12 Apr 2006    Bookmarked: 12 Apr 2006    
An icon control that zooms and fades-in when your mouse hovers over it, which creates interesting visual effects if your application uses icons instead of buttons.
  Juan Pablo G.C. Updated: 5 Jun 2007    Bookmarked: 15 May 2007    
A new version with many functionalities
  Alexander Kloep Updated: 13 Sep 2005    Bookmarked: 14 Sep 2005    
A button that looks like an arrow.
  Valeria Bogdevich Updated: 24 Sep 2003    Bookmarked: 26 May 2003    
.NET button that supports images and XP style on Windows XP and other versions of Windows.
  Michael Ganss Updated: 27 Oct 2004    Bookmarked: 19 May 2004    
A .NET Windows Forms Button using Visual Styles on Windows XP, that can display an image.
  JSimms Updated: 3 Mar 2005    Bookmarked: 4 Mar 2005    
An article on creating a bitmap button
  Lukasz Swiatkowski Updated: 26 Mar 2013    Bookmarked: 19 Feb 2007    
How to create an animating glass button using only GDI+ (and not using WPF)
  Martin Cook Updated: 4 Mar 2005    Bookmarked: 4 Mar 2005    
A managed combobox that displays a sample of each font in the system.
  dotNet Toys Updated: 5 May 2005    Bookmarked: 4 Mar 2006    
The article contains LookupComboBox control.
  Jaime Olivares Updated: 3 Sep 2008    Bookmarked: 24 Apr 2007    
How to implement an owner-drawn ListBox with radio buttons instead of standard selection highlight
  Tomas Brennan Updated: 31 Jan 2005    Bookmarked: 1 Feb 2005    
How to hack the combo box to give it a horizontal scroll bar, thus giving a polished look with ease + simplicity.
  Nish Nishant Updated: 27 Jul 2007    Bookmarked: 29 Jul 2007    
An ownerdrawn multi-column combobox class with support for data-binding
  Niels Penneman Updated: 18 Jan 2004    Bookmarked: 11 Jan 2004    
ImageCombo control for .NET.
  smn-12 Updated: 7 Jul 2005    Bookmarked: 14 Jun 2005    
This is an extended, owner drawn ComboBox which has an added support to display images in the combobox dropdown as well as the edit (text) box.
  Edmundas Kevisas Updated: 1 Aug 2006    Bookmarked: 7 Aug 2006    
An article discusses a way of dynamically generating wrapper classes for objects displayed in a Property Grid.
  Robert Rohde Updated: 20 Nov 2006    Bookmarked: 27 Mar 2005    
A reusable component which extends the DataGrid and adds functionality for real time filtering.
  Alastair Stell Updated: 14 Jan 2004    Bookmarked: 11 Jan 2004    
Add style to DataGrid columns, custom columns.
  Davide Icardi Updated: 4 Aug 2013    Bookmarked: 28 Jan 2003    
SourceGrid is a free open source grid control. Supports virtual grid, custom cells and editors, advanced formatting options and many others features
  Doug Healy Updated: 8 Mar 2006    Bookmarked: 8 Mar 2006    
Allows user defined sizing of DataGrid column header height to support multi-line header text.
  DLM@TD Updated: 23 Aug 2007    Bookmarked: 26 Aug 2007    
Presenting a solution for having CheckBox control in the header of DataGridView
  Mihai Maerean Updated: 29 Jan 2006    Bookmarked: 29 Jan 2006    
Context menu for the custom properties in the C# PropertyGrid, allowing the user to reset the properties, the same way as in Visual Studio.
  Herre Kuijpers Updated: 29 Jun 2006    Bookmarked: 9 Jun 2006    
A grid allowing grouping and arranging items, much like Outlook.
  DaveyM69 Updated: 9 Nov 2008    Bookmarked: 10 Nov 2008    
A WinForms TextBox that only accepts digits.
  Ted John Updated: 29 May 2008    Bookmarked: 14 May 2008    
A control to edit maps or small pictures in tile form.
  Jim Blackler Updated: 18 Aug 2006    Bookmarked: 8 Jul 2006    
A lightweight class library that extends the Framework's most popular editor controls to include search and other basic functionality.
  Bram Pellens Updated: 24 Jan 2006    Bookmarked: 10 Dec 2005    
This article presents a control that allows for easy number entering.
  Brian Welsh Updated: 17 Mar 2003    Bookmarked: 19 Mar 2003    
A better way to enter passwords.
  Jan van den Baard Updated: 16 Jun 2005    Bookmarked: 12 Dec 2002    
Syntax coloring, multi-level undo/redo editor control.
  salysle Updated: 31 Jan 2007    Bookmarked: 31 Jan 2007    
This article describes an approach to validating text box entries against a regular expression
3.56/5 (7 votes)   Compenkie Updated: 10 Jul 2006    Bookmarked: 27 May 2009    
TabText is a text-editor with tab-pages, like Excel.

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