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Desktop Development

  Massimo Beatini Updated: 24 Feb 2006    Bookmarked: 8 Oct 2009    
Sometimes the search engine integrated with Explorer doesn't work fine, especially when I try to find text contained into files, so I decided to build my own search program.
  Luke Stratman Updated: 8 Feb 2007    Bookmarked: 7 Oct 2009    
This service watches for filesystem events in directories and runs specified programs in response to those events.

General Programming

  Andre Azevedo Updated: 29 Apr 2009    Bookmarked: 22 Apr 2009    
An asynchronous socket server and client with encryption and compression.
  David M Brooks Updated: 20 Apr 2007    Bookmarked: 22 Apr 2009    
A technique for programmatically adding attachments to emails in C# and VB.NET.

Web Development

  .dan.g. Updated: 25 Aug 2017    Bookmarked: 22 Nov 2010    
A hierarchical task manager with native XML support for custom reporting.
  Paulo Zemek Updated: 10 May 2010    Bookmarked: 6 Oct 2009    
Framework for caching data that includes the possibility to store ViewStates in files, reutilizing identical files as an way to avoid too much HD usage

Development Lifecycle

  Andy Pennell Updated: 6 Mar 2002    Bookmarked: 2 Mar 2010    
This article describes how minidumps work, how to make your application create them when it crashes, and how to read them back with Visual Studio .NET.
  seeblunt Updated: 12 Nov 2008    Bookmarked: 2 Jul 2010    
RichText Builder - use in place of StringBuilder to output RTF.
  Rei Miyasaka Updated: 15 Sep 2005    Bookmarked: 8 Nov 2010    
Ever wondered how to do wildcards in C#?
  Bizken Updated: 9 Oct 2009    Bookmarked: 12 Oct 2009    
A HashFile class to save key/value pairs in a file
  jconwell Updated: 1 Sep 2006    Bookmarked: 20 Feb 2009    
This tool analyses the IL of a list of assemblies, looking for types, methods, and fields that are not used by another list of assemblies. This lets you see if you have unused legacy code lying around that should be cleaned up.
  aef123 Updated: 11 Dec 2010    Bookmarked: 19 Oct 2009    
A template for calling methods asynchronously and returning the results on the caller's thread.
  Marcelo Ricardo de Oliveira Updated: 14 Dec 2009    Bookmarked: 21 Dec 2009    
Sound-enabled pool game for C#.


  Eyal Post Updated: 19 Mar 2006    Bookmarked: 7 Oct 2009    
Using the IFilter interface to extract text from various document types.
  MarkusDoof Updated: 12 Dec 2008    Bookmarked: 16 Dec 2008    
Dynamic class loading using a registered section structure in the config file.
  b4rc0ll0 Updated: 10 Oct 2010    Bookmarked: 2 Nov 2010    
Reusable extension of JPanel with rounded borders, shadow and antialiasing
  b4rc0ll0 Updated: 7 Oct 2010    Bookmarked: 2 Nov 2010    
Create a useful draggable generic component to create custom graphic desktop applications, like visual editors or multimedia management
  logicchild Updated: 19 Feb 2009    Bookmarked: 14 Jan 2010    
An article to launch the beginner into the world of Java GUI programming

Platforms, Frameworks & Libraries

  Nish Nishant Updated: 20 Sep 2010    Bookmarked: 2 Nov 2010    
This application monitors for new posts in the Code Project forums.
  DaveAuld Updated: 2 Nov 2010    Bookmarked: 3 Nov 2010    
A simple automated build tool to assist with Windows Gadget development
4.86/5 (125 votes)   T-C Updated: 1 Sep 2006    Bookmarked: 10 Jun 2009    
A C# program to demonstrate loading and saving an object to an XML file using XML serialization encapsulated in a wrapper class.

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