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Desktop Development

  Hany Badrous Updated: 5 Oct 2009    Bookmarked: 11 Jul 2009    
How to build a context menu that displays any group of controls
  Burak Ozdiken Updated: 2 Aug 2011    Bookmarked: 11 Jul 2009    
This article explains how to make a custom Windows Tab Control in C#.
  Sharon Salmon Updated: 17 Apr 2008    Bookmarked: 30 Jul 2009    
base code with instruction how to create you own plug-in for internet explorer

Web Development

  Boaz Davidoff Updated: 26 Jun 2008    Bookmarked: 6 Mar 2009    
Using multi-threading techniques to create a duplex (two-way) web service that can push events/messages to the client.

General Programming

  Scott Dorman Updated: 17 Aug 2007    Bookmarked: 26 Feb 2009    
A simple to use resumable file downloader class that provides progress feedback for .NET 2.0 or .NET 1.1
  craigd Updated: 16 Mar 2007    Bookmarked: 26 Feb 2009    
Refactor Searcharoo C# search engine code to make it easier to extend, and add ability to index/search Microsoft Office documents, PDFs, etc.
  Ashutosh Bhawasinka Updated: 17 Sep 2007    Bookmarked: 2 Aug 2009    
Extracts any part of the HTML from the HTML data
  Assad Baig Updated: 26 May 2008    Bookmarked: 24 Feb 2009    
Learn how to optimize web page for better user experience
  Stevan Rodrigues Updated: 6 May 2004    Bookmarked: 5 May 2009    
Site Search Engine searches an entire page and also dynamic pages for matching keyword(s) or a phrase and will count how many times the keyword(s) or phrase are found on the page, and displays the results with the highest matches first.

Development Lifecycle

  Saurabh_Saxena Updated: 1 Jun 2009    Bookmarked: 11 Jul 2009    
Design Principles to be followed in software development
  Peter Wiles Updated: 27 Nov 2008    Bookmarked: 25 Feb 2009    
Further explanation about how we solved the problem of allowing users to define their own data structures and to define their own user interfaces to edit this data.


  Corinna John Updated: 12 Nov 2012    Bookmarked: 22 Jul 2009    
Edit AVI files in .NET. Updated: 9 Aug 2009    Bookmarked: 25 Jul 2009    
I think many users have been wondering how Windows Security Center is built. Well, in this article I will demonstrate how Windows® XP Security Center is made. How it’s working? Etc.


  David Veeneman Updated: 19 Jan 2006    Bookmarked: 5 May 2009    
In this second part of the article series, we will revisit the ADO.NET CRUD operations. Only this time, we will use an application with far better architecture. Once that is done, we will move on to data binding with objects.
  David Veeneman Updated: 10 Feb 2006    Bookmarked: 5 May 2009    
In this article, we will see how to use ADO.NET to serialize an object model. Once we have finished with serialization, we will look at how to bind our object model to user controls.
  David Veeneman Updated: 19 Jan 2006    Bookmarked: 5 May 2009    
This article will show how to accomplish these goals—use ADO.NET as a thin data transport layer, while still taking advantage of the data-binding capabilities of .NET user interface controls. As it turns out, it’s pretty easy.
  Al-Farooque Shubho Updated: 1 Jun 2009    Bookmarked: 5 May 2009    
As part of a series of articles on data access optimization steps in SQL Server, this article focuses on refactoring and applying TSQL best practices to improve performance.

Platforms, Frameworks & Libraries

  Member 987427 Updated: 30 Mar 2004    Bookmarked: 2 Aug 2009    
A non-well-formed HTML parser for .NET


  Corinna John Updated: 18 Jun 2009    Bookmarked: 1 Jul 2009    
First steps tutorial for Delphi developers.
  Abhijit Jana Updated: 15 Jul 2009    Bookmarked: 13 Jul 2009    
This article describes how to debug a web application which is hosted on IIS. It also describes how to select the correct process to attach to when multiple worker processes are running
  Abhijit Jana Updated: 29 Dec 2008    Bookmarked: 11 Jul 2009    
This article describes Cookies, persistent and non-persistent cookies, their uses, cookie munging etc.
  Valeri Makarov Updated: 25 Apr 2004    Bookmarked: 7 Mar 2009    
Zip and Unzip from a C# program using
  Deepthi Viswanathan Nair Updated: 18 Sep 2008    Bookmarked: 4 Jul 2009    
This article talks about the Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) and how to consume it in applications. It describes the WCF model, and is a quick introduction for beginners.
  Michael Sync Updated: 10 Jun 2009    Bookmarked: 2 Aug 2009    
Bindable WPF WYSIWYG Text Editor
  sukram Updated: 29 Feb 2008    Bookmarked: 11 Jul 2009    
Connecting items
  sukram Updated: 23 Aug 2008    Bookmarked: 11 Jul 2009    
Drag, resize and rotate elements on a Canvas

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