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Ajit Yagnesh
Web Developer
India India
hi my self ajit

Ravi Tuvar
Technical Lead IntelliMedia Networks, Inc
India India
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Anurag Sarkar
India India

Hi I am a Student Intrested in Microsoft Technologies & programming languages like C, C++, C#.

Software Developer
Turkey Turkey
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Database Developer fantasy art
United States United States
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Software Developer Poojara Telecom Pvt Ltd
India India
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Anurag Sarkar
Software Developer
India India
Software Developer & Programmer.


Proud Bhartiya(Indian) | Blogger |Programmer |Entrepreneur

Nirav Prabtani
Team Leader eInfochips
India India

Nirav Prabtani

I am a team lead, Database Architect and Designer /Technical Architect/Analyst,
Programmer in Microsoft .NET Technologies & Microsoft SQL Server with more than
4.5 years of hands on experience.

I love to code....!!! Smile | :)

My recent past includes my work with the education domain as a technical business
requirement analyst, database architect & designer and analyst programmer; just
love my involvement with the world of knowledge, learning and education and I think
I know quite well what I want to do in life & in my career. What do I like? Well,
ideation, brainstorming, coming up with newer and more creative ways of doing things;
each time with an enhanced efficiency. An item in my day's agenda always has a task
to look at what I did yesterday & focus on how I can do it better today

Contact Me

Nirav Prabtani

Mobile : +91 738 308 2188

Email :

My Blog:
Nirav Prabtani

Sunasara Imdadhusen
Technical Lead Infostretch Ahmedabad-Gujarat
India India
Aspiring for a challenging carrier wherein I can learn, grow, expand and share my existing knowledge in meaningful and coherent way.

sunaSaRa Imdadhusen


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