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GeneralRe: Reputation Points Pin
hussam.it14-Nov-18 0:23
professionalhussam.it14-Nov-18 0:23 
GeneralRe: Reputation Points Pin
hussam.it16-Nov-18 2:18
professionalhussam.it16-Nov-18 2:18 
BugSite slow Pin
Michael Bookatz13-Nov-18 1:07
memberMichael Bookatz13-Nov-18 1:07 
AnswerRe: Site slow Pin
CHill6013-Nov-18 2:36
protectorCHill6013-Nov-18 2:36 
SuggestionBetter account identification Pin
Nelek12-Nov-18 21:49
protectorNelek12-Nov-18 21:49 
GeneralRe: Better account identification Pin
Chris Maunder13-Nov-18 8:45
adminChris Maunder13-Nov-18 8:45 
GeneralRe: Better account identification Pin
Nelek13-Nov-18 9:40
protectorNelek13-Nov-18 9:40 
SuggestionSearch presents deleted articles Pin
jgwinner12-Nov-18 15:29
memberjgwinner12-Nov-18 15:29 
I just did a search for "Angular MySQL" and saw some interesting articles.

Clicking on them went to a screen that said the post had been deleted in June 2018.

Clearly, the search results shouldn't show deleted articles (or at least not normally, maybe an option if someone is specifically looking for a deleted article).

Makes search very frustrating.

I will say huge kudo's for the Internet's last remaining "And" search Smile | :)

== John ==
GeneralRe: Search presents deleted articles Pin
Chris Maunder12-Nov-18 15:32
adminChris Maunder12-Nov-18 15:32 
Bugrep broken for Quick Answers ? Pin
Patrice T12-Nov-18 13:42
mvpPatrice T12-Nov-18 13:42 
GeneralRe: rep broken for Quick Answers ? Pin
Chris Maunder12-Nov-18 15:31
adminChris Maunder12-Nov-18 15:31 
SuggestionArticles cannot be approved - Submission queue is broken Pin
Dirk Bahle12-Nov-18 12:00
mvpDirk Bahle12-Nov-18 12:00 
GeneralRe: Articles cannot be approved - Submission queue is broken Pin
Chris Maunder12-Nov-18 12:51
adminChris Maunder12-Nov-18 12:51 
BugPending articles are not showing author names Pin
Chris Maunder12-Nov-18 11:45
adminChris Maunder12-Nov-18 11:45 
QuestionSoapbox 1.0 [REVISED] Pin
R. Giskard Reventlov12-Nov-18 6:11
professionalR. Giskard Reventlov12-Nov-18 6:11 
AnswerRe: Soapbox 1.0??? Pin
OriginalGriff12-Nov-18 6:16
protectorOriginalGriff12-Nov-18 6:16 
GeneralRe: Soapbox 1.0??? Pin
R. Giskard Reventlov12-Nov-18 6:41
professionalR. Giskard Reventlov12-Nov-18 6:41 
AnswerRe: Soapbox 1.0??? Pin
Slacker00712-Nov-18 6:20
professionalSlacker00712-Nov-18 6:20 
GeneralRe: Soapbox 1.0??? Pin
Johnny J.12-Nov-18 6:29
professionalJohnny J.12-Nov-18 6:29 
AnswerRe: Soapbox 1.0??? Pin
Mark_Wallace12-Nov-18 8:59
memberMark_Wallace12-Nov-18 8:59 
AnswerRe: Soapbox 1.0 [REVISED] Pin
Chris Maunder12-Nov-18 11:48
adminChris Maunder12-Nov-18 11:48 
GeneralRe: Soapbox 1.0 [REVISED] Pin
R. Giskard Reventlov22-Nov-18 8:40
professionalR. Giskard Reventlov22-Nov-18 8:40 
SuggestionTrivial text error in weekly survey Pin
OriginalGriff12-Nov-18 5:28
protectorOriginalGriff12-Nov-18 5:28 
BugMessage rating anomaly Pin
Richard Deeming12-Nov-18 2:33
mvpRichard Deeming12-Nov-18 2:33 
GeneralRe: Message rating anomaly Pin
Chris Maunder12-Nov-18 2:41
adminChris Maunder12-Nov-18 2:41 

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