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, 17 Nov 2013
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Real Trees on Azure!

Please note

This article is an entry in our AppInnovation Contest. Articles in this sub-section are not required to be full articles so care should be taken when voting.

Contest Category

Education (+Entertainment)

Target Platform :

Windows 8 Tablet

Development Tools :

C#  WPF XAML for Client devices.

Windows Azure for DB & Notifications services (WCF on Cloud).


Hello from Hirbise! This article would explain in detail the critical need of this Application in people's hands. This App would serves as a key Education + Entertainment platform that aims as converting a simple man into an environmentalist.

Please check the attached PDF or PPT file with this article with more screen shots and visual explanation

PDF/PPT shared here as well

The problem

 In several countries (like India) the meaning of education has started to erode into a very bad shape. You can skim through the web to find what’s happening in schools/Colleges in India. And try to grasp the primary motive of the institutions and even the parents. Whatever might be the story, you can just sum it up into few words, it's "Scores, Grades, Ranks". Students are not thought the values of lives & Mother earth. There are too few exceptions to this. 

In an unrelenting panic their kids might land in a lackluster job with their low grades in schools, parents and institutions constantly push the students to "perform" better and better. In this process of "coaching", children loose the values & essence of true education. When the kid is out of schools and become a part of developing this world, his vision would be completely tuned towards monetizing anything he deals with & no sense towards protecting the environment or keeping the right balance of lives.

And just because of this reason, we are seeing places getting barren so fast, Environment getting polluted so badly and a total loss of balance in the eco-system. You can see these around easily: 

A century year old tree getting uprooted easily, just to make a little pavement by the side or just because it was obstructing the brand display in front of a showroom. 

Construction engineers build their way into the wild reserves.

People poaching even the rarest specious for money. 

The list keeps growing and the human race is transforming into a “hostile humans” type depicted in Avatar movie.  


Because of this eco-system coercion , more specious are getting queued into the extinction list. Not only in the jungles, even the fellow creatures that could co-exist decades back in the Cities & towns, are driven away because of infrastructures without eco-sense.
These links would help get an idea about extinct habitats :

Did we care for these?

Statistics say No. The human footprints left out so far, have made a real global stampede. This clearly indicates the growing recklessness in people’s minds.

Efforts so far

Most efforts by the governments and NGOs go feeble over time, mainly because of inadequate people support. There have been several initiatives & campaigns in the past to bring people closer to understanding the importance of afforestation.Despite all these effort, there is no big impact on the landscapes of our planet.

Why no big impacts?

The results of traditional campaigns wean out quickly as they fail to register the concept/importance into people’s minds.

When does it register in people’s minds ?

  1. The intensity of the campaign should be really high that it touches everybody’s hearts and minds.


  2. There must be some fun involved in the target activity.


Treezure - read it in like "Treasure" !

Which implies growing real trees with a help a cloud platforms. Since the idea is going to be built with Microsoft tools, Azure would be our natural choice for the backend cloud. It’s about how Azure & Windows Apps can help us afforest our planet again.

(Trees + Azure =Treezure)

Treezure focuses both on Education & Entertainment.

  • Educate the people with intense-practical campaigns.
  • Make the activity really cool!


  1. Convert any little deforested/barren area you see into a blossoming green zone. Or plant a new tree in your own garden and brag around your tree-hugging profile points.
  2. Make people actively involve in plantation activity and share their activity and "plant" status.
  3. Let the Plant/Tree talk for themselves when they are hungry or okay
  4. Educate people through green statistics that creates a real impact.
  5. Make tree growing a real entertainment!

Into the App

Treezure App lets user adopt a radius of few meters call it a TZone for now.

A TZone can have one or more trees/plants inside. For illustration ease, we’ll stick with One Tree per circle idea.

With all dedication and interest, a Treezurer would adopt one or more TZones and start planting the sapling inside the circle.To start the fun, Treezurer would upload the details of the tree inside the TZone into the Treezure server using the Treezure App.

Requirement for a TZone

  • The target spot for a TZone must be accessible by any Treezurer for grooming and maintenance.
  • The target spot for a TZone must not conflict with Government interests. – You cannot create a TZone on the middle of the road as it looked barren
  • TZone must house the recommended plantations that TZone App & Websites recommended. Treezure would not recommend grooming poisonous and harmful trees for the people.
  • Two TZones must maintain minimum distance recommended by the TZone KB. This would be decided based on the type of tree you plant inside TZone

Requirement for a Treezurer

  • A Treezurer simply means a tech savvy tree-hugger who would have an inherent passion towards protecting mother earth.
  • An ideal Treezurer will have consistent access to gadgets and internet.
  • Shows avid interest in sharing "Green" Facts and create awareness with people who are yet to become a Treezurer.
  • An interest to become an environmentalist .

Requirement for Treezure Server/Services

  • The Treezure cloud services are the back bones of Treezure concept. We make use of MS Azure for our requirements, no server hardware required to be owned.
  • Manages Tzones data base & Trees information repository.
  • Manages Treezurer profile and activity data base.
  • Exploits Azure Mobile services features for all user requirements.
  • Uses Microsoft Notification Hub for promptly updating all the connected device.

Services on the Microsoft Azure is key for this App.

  • They act as a translator for the Tzones. With routine schedule checkers running on Azure server.
  • The server would be able to promptly notify the users if there’s a lapse in the routine though email and Push Notification.

How it works?

Step 1:

  • You see a vacant place in your own garden enough to grow trees or at least plants.
  • You see a land (non-private) barren or trees fallen because of natural calamity or human deforestation & You confirm it’s a place where a tree can be grown objectionably.
  • Not only trees, even simple plants do qualify for a Tzone. So the place could be on your house terrace.

Okay ,The place for your future Tzone is set!

Step 2:

  • You take out your windows gadget
  • Login to Treezure App using Live, Facebook, Gmail a/c.
  • Create a Tzone marking the exact location,
  • You could stand inside the circle and simply click GPS
  • Or manually locate the spot in the map and create the Zone
  • Update type of land and weather type of the Tzone location.

Step 3:

The other Treezurers & Environmentalist would suggest what type of plantation would suit this terrain. (If you are not sure what you can plant there)

Step 4:

Sends notification to all expert to help the new Tzone Creation.

Step 5:

The Discussion.

Step 6:

Sapling acquirement

Step 7:

Spot your Tzone using GPS/Maps that you marked earlier.

Step 8: 7_8.PNG

Tzone planted!

Treezure App UX

Changing the states of the TZones would be extremely simple.

The entire App interfacing would be through Touch and gestures.

TZone Farms

User will be able to create a network of Tzones under a single user account.

They can even have a Treezers group account to manage a farm of Tzones.

Power Treezuerers

Treezure will have Volunteers would would be ready to help anybody’s Tzones.

Moderators would take care of answering the new treezures through the App.


Solution Architecture


Client :

Windows 8 Tablets/ AIO/ Windows Phones

Server : Microsoft Azure Cloud

Some Facts

  • Treezure is not a commercial App:

True, If we are going to have a site, we would name it Treezure.Org!

  • Treezure is no Farmville:

You can’t layback and see if the plant grows. Needs complete dedication and field work.

  • Treezure is a true global App:
Yes, but though it’s a global App, we can’t water someone’s Tzones in another country. For ease of use, regional classification would be provided based on operating location.
  • Treezure App is open source :

It could be.

The Ultimate Results

  • Treezure could help open up a new eco-sense dimension in in people’s minds.
  • Instead of dedicating the whole time on casual social networking, people might catch up with green activity-social networking.
  • It can serve as a handy tool for all the green activity communities.
  • A whole new hope for the co-habitats to come back to green living.
  • After all, a fresh breathe to all of us living in cities & towns

Practicality of Treezure

  • We understand it’s not easy to make people to embrace this type of effort-taking initiatives.
  • But out of curiosity, even if a hundred users tried out creating two Tzones with bunch of saplings inside, we would have a visible green cover in few years time. Over a period of time the trees are capable of surviving on their own, even if a Treezurer discontinues his eco-activities for unavoidable reasons, The Tzones would make a survive on its own.
  • To sum up, we would have definitely made a green impact with our technology!


The motivation for this idea is nothing imaginary, but based on the true incidents happening around us. I could see the little birds and squirrels search for a safe place for building their nests but unfortunately the entire city landscape is occupied with buildings and mega infrastructure that is of no relevance to these creatures. Just made me realize how selfish the human race is becoming trying to over use the resource on this earth that is meant for every little living being here. An immediate attention is required to make people realize this fact and start thinking how we can coexist with the nature in true harmony. This App idea is a little step towards a greater vision.


This article, along with any associated source code and files, is licensed under The Code Project Open License (CPOL)


About the Author

Product Manager Hibrise Technologies
India India
We are a Microsoft Bizpark enrolled company having around 25 highly inspired developers focusing on making innovative applications using Microsoft technologies. we work on Windows Tablet, Windows Phone, Azure, WinRT, WinCE , , Xbox, Windows Store, etc. The management team has 15+ years of industrial experience of working closely with Microsoft linked products.
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