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Great Reads

by logicchild
An article that explains how to use this library
by Chong Hin Ooi
How to draw OpenGL to a window you created in a dialog box with the resource editor without manually using CreateWindow.
by Vasily Tserekh
A simple 3D exploration of a plaza in OpenGL and C#
by David Jeske
An overview and C# implementation of 3d space partitioning using a BVH (bounding volume hierarchy), with dynamic updates via refitting and tree-rotations.

Latest Articles

by Bartlomiej Filipek
A little guide about modern OpenGL and why it gives us so much value.
by Carlos Jiménez de Parga
Explanation of a consistent 3D graphics software architecture through a basic OpenGL application
by iberg
An article on implementing a simple predator prey simulation using OpenGL and MFC.
by Bartlomiej Filipek
Summary of techniques to stream data from CPU to GPU in OpenGL with focusing on new method called persistent mapped buffers.

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by Member 11713574 on Article "OpenGL 3D Navigation glRotatef,...
by Farouk24 on Article "Loading and rendering Milkshape 3d...
by Member 11507234 on Article "Rendering Shapefile in OpenGL"
by xiaofei7834 on Article "Interactive Techniques in...
by xiaofei7834 on Article "Interactive Techniques in...

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