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Great Reads

by logicchild
An article that explains how to use this library
by Vasily Tserekh
A simple 3D exploration of a plaza in OpenGL and C#
by Chong Hin Ooi
How to draw OpenGL to a window you created in a dialog box with the resource editor without manually using CreateWindow.
by David Jeske
An overview and C# implementation of 3d space partitioning using a BVH (bounding volume hierarchy), with dynamic updates via refitting and tree-rotations.

Latest Articles

by King Coffee
Sample code for OpenCvSharp 3 quick start
by PySams
Why simple if we can be complex?
by Steffen Ploetz
Check OpenGL as a basis for appealing applications, that are not necessarily games.
by Steffen Ploetz
Give an brief overview of text rendering options for OpenGL/OpenTK especially for MONO/.NET.

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by zephyra712 on article "Abstract of the text rendering with...
by gilad bu on Article "Bi-Cubic and Bi-Linear Interpolation...
by gilad bu on Article "Bi-Cubic and Bi-Linear Interpolation...
by nightrider13 on article "3d Space Partitioning and the...
by on Article "Loading and rendering Milkshape 3d...

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