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I have text "Привет" and i want convert it to Unicode
var str = "Привет";

 Encoding unicode = Encoding.Unicode;
 byte[] unicodeBytes = unicode.GetBytes(str);
 var rez = Encoding.UTF8.GetString(unicodeBytes).ToString();

In VS debugger i see this result

But in VS preview i see incorrect charset

Why so?

What I have tried:

I try convert it with Encoding, but its not work
Updated 15-Dec-17 8:22am
[no name] 15-Dec-17 14:08pm    
Your c# string is allready Unicode. See String Class (System)[^]
phil.o 15-Dec-17 14:16pm    
Exactly :) my virtual 5, you should put that as answer, as I cannot think of any other meaningful one.
[no name] 15-Dec-17 14:20pm    
Thank you very much. Ok I try to formulate an answer. Even These Unicode / Coding stuff holds a lot of traps for a None english like me :)
Perić Željko 17-Dec-17 9:03am    
Try UTF8 instead of Unicode , it works for Serbian latin and cyrilic fonts.

1 solution

c# strings are Unicode strings. It represents text as a sequence of UTF-16 code units.

Read e.g. this: String Class (System)[^]

Not a short read, but to understand unicode, you most probably Need to go through several articles liek this: Unicode and You – BetterExplained[^]

Please see also Still fighting with the terminologies of unicode vs. encoding - C# Discussion Boards[^]
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PIEBALDconsult 16-Dec-17 12:05pm    
And also:
[no name] 16-Dec-17 12:09pm    
Yep. It is also the first link in the (on the second line) in the link I provided :-)

Both of them discuss this (in my opinion) minor thing like BOM, but do not go further into a close description for surrogates

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