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I can get (programatically) all installed serial port in a pc. But programatically how can I get which one is for Bluetooth Incoming and which one is for BT Outgoing?

Is there any api (vb, c#, win32, ansi c++ or others) for that?

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Well you can start reading up on this:
Bluetooth profile[^]

Windows SDK Bluetooth Reference[^]

and this

SDK Documentation for Windows Mobile-Based Smartphones[^]

This is a general comment, as in not directed specifically to Tamal, who may for all I know be a brlliant architect and developer.

Since it seems quite clear that many of the questions asked here at Q&A could easily be solved by spending less than 5 minutes reading the documentation or just searching google - I feel like venting a bit of frustration.

As a developer you actually have to enjoy reading new material, literally tons of it during a career.

It's often required that you are willing to assimilate the minute details pertaining to a particular domain, often on a level surpassing domain specialists for the problem at hand – and then use your understanding and skills to solve it.

A developer can never take anything for granted, and you’ll often find that the obvious isn't so obvious, so acute observation skills come in handy too.

When in doubt use Google, but if you don't mean it when you say you enjoy learning new things, find something else to do.

So please, when you ask a question, show us - who actually spend some effort on helping you, at no charge - some respect by spending a bit more effort on your questions, and if you are smart: Try to solve it yourselves.

We’ll be there, we’ll try to help you if you get stuck, we’ll even enjoy it if we can help you solve your problem.

Espen Harlinn
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Tamal Basak 15-Jan-11 12:40pm    
Can you please tell me a specific answer?
Paul Coldrey 5-Jun-18 17:46pm    
Actually Espen I feel you missed something here since your entire response has nothing to do with his/her question! He/she is asking about identifying COM ports and not anything directly related to bluetooth. The answer to Tamal's question is 'no' there is no nice API for determining which COM ports are associated with a BT device you have to loop through the available ports and guess based on the information you find.
masoudxb 27-Nov-18 2:43am    
Absolutely true

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