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Ok I have a application I am developing at the moment. Its purpose is to be a helper application so it will automatically create each of the following:
StoredProcedures for Database
Class Files for
windows forms for

It works perfectly with MySql databases and I can get it to work also with MsSql but my question is this.... in my code I need to declare two separate connections for mysql and mssql as follows:

Protected DbConnectionMySql As MySqlConnection
Protected DbConnectionMsSql As SqlClient.SqlConnection

I then proceed to use these as follows:

If (frmMain.SQLServerType = "mysql") Then
                Me.dtSchema = Me.DbConnectionMySql.GetSchema("Columns")
            ElseIf frmMain.SQLServerType = "mssql" Then
                Me.dtSchema = Me.DbConnectionMsSql.GetSchema("Columns")
            End If

This is easy as its only a few lines but its painful with longer code.
I would like to map or Cast each connection to a single variable that can be used so I only have to code once.

I am thinking a generic type that implements the IDBConnection interface would work but its kinda confusing me.... any idea, directions, help is appreciated!

This was meant to be a helper application to automate the more time consuming tasks of developing larger applications.

You should use the .NET Framework Data Providers (ADO.NET)[^], with allows you to connect to all kinds of databases.

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IDbConnection is the correct way. Instead of having to variables DbConnectionMySql and DbConnectionMsSql, you'll use only one:
Dim _Connection as IDbConnection.
When the connection object is created, you still have to distinguish:
If (frmMain.SQLServerType = "mysql") Then
    _Connection = new MySqlConnection()
    _Connection = new SqlClient.SqlConnection()

By the way, I'd create an enum for the database types.
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You should be using the factory pattern[^] with the ADO.Net Factory classes. Here[^] is an aexcellent article to start with.

Good luck!
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