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Posted 10 Jul 2016

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Internet of Things in Smart Home/Building

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10 Jul 2016CPOL10 min read
This article will surely give an idea how to develop a self-controlled, self-connected smart home/building.


The basic step that I start with this article inspired me from the step the government of India is taking to build up smart cities in different states and howsoever promised to make 100 smart cities and with that inspiration, I thought of different ideas and apply some of them to my home too like: remote managed components, i.e., by using Arduino UNO via a smart remote or Android app in my smartphone, algorithm of the connected devices conversing themselves called self-conversed devices, etc. With the continuation of this article, readers surely will be inspired and will continue to contribute something in the field of Internet of Things. Firstly, I have introduced the concept of smart home completely and then the algorithm that we can use in it and with that closing the article with the points of interest, i.e., from where we can get ideas relating to the edited topic of the article and at last concluding the history and modern methods that can be applied to advance the smart home. So, let’s get started with the background which we can think of using in a smart home.


Here, in this section, let’s explore different ideas and methodologies that we can use in a smart home, likewise some are listed below and explained:

  • Connected Devices: This explains having self-controlled and conversed devices, i.e., communicating each other themselves without the interaction of any human. This can include topics like artificial intelligence, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Softwares enhancing use of wireless connections which may consist of protocols, etc. Here, Robotics may lead to some extent.

  • Robocom: Robocom is a new concept which is made by me personally enhancing the fulfilment use of robotics power and abilities. This is a combination of a robot and a computer PC which will have inbuilt all those input and output peripherals such as: projected touch screen made by using kinect effect, microphone, camera for face, image and object recognition, keyboard slider for entering data (may include because we can include speech recognition software in inbuilt PC), printer and scanner in its legs and also may include more software that will automatically connect through different devices in its environment, which will surely promise the smart way to likewise a maid does but will include computerized work also which a human maid can’t do.

  • Interactive Games: This may include the use of Xbox 360 which will enhance smart enhancement in the entertainment field. Also, one can include Kinect effect devices which will eliminate use of joystick, etc. and will give a feeling of realistic playing.

  • Remote Management: This may include the use of Arduino wireless UNO programming chips which will lessen the movement of humans from switching on and off the devices while sitting on the chair itself. This can be done easily as explained below under the section of “Using the Code”.

  • Message retrieval database collection: This is also a smart way to collect each and every message a device in the home saying. Like: postman left an important credentials in the digital letter box (which is explained after this) reads and pops up a virtual screen at the database collection panel desk. Also, like: laptop is being there to charge and when completed, it messages database panel and will pop up a virtual screen and will enable user in the home to notice and easily can switch off the charging switch. Also, it can collect database of weather forecasting by using internet service and will pop up daily the forecast on virtual screen as explained above.

  • Digital Letter Box: At the footstep of home, we can attach a digital letter box that will greatly help to secure important credentials to store like it can be build up by scanner or text recognition camera which converts the read text of letter like from whom it has come and how much priority should be given as we see in our Gmail inbox to a single HD image and will send it to database panel desk which will then pops up virtual screen. However, this can include a keypad to unlock the letter box which will be unlocked by entering one’s person living in that house which can be verified by the database panel in turn requested by letter box itself. It’s like having secure locker for important credential arrivals by post.

  • Cloud Service: This can be taken in the account likewise taking all the data retrieved by the connected devices, i.e., any important information like notifications about charging full, etc. can be stored safely on a secure platform called CLOUD.

  • Security Cameras: This can include security cameras that are so nano in size so that the face recognition can be done from a far distance as possible. However, after recognizing the face, it can be forwarded to the database panel again and which will project a virtual screen asking permission to allow the person to door to come in.

  • Virtual Roof: In this, we can think that when one is sleeping on roof in intense summer conditions and there is suddenly a rainfall and person disturbs and for a bad sake, he had to shift his bed to a tight room which he won’t take as his first priority. Now, in this case, if we can make a device that enables to make a virtual hard roof on the person’s bed and will enable him to cope with that bad rainfall. Let’s understand this concept by seeing below algorithm:

    • A device which is made by the combination of special projector which will project a virtual roof and after which a chemical can be sprayed on the dotes of that virtual roof like take five nodes or dotes that are seen on that roof and the chemical is spray on the centered dote and will then convert it to solid mass which will protect the person from disturbance of rainfall.

  • And many other features can be included….

Using the Code

Here, in this section, I had included different algorithms that can be followed for different classification described above:

  • Connected Devices: In this connected device, one can understand the concept like declaring different notifications and forwarding messages that need attention of user. For example: In a smart home, take those two devices, namely a Refrigerator and an Android phone, what they do like refrigerator will self-detect the undergoing temperature around itself and according to which it will adjust its cooling capacity and the change which it does will automatically send to Android phone and hence user of phone will be informed effectively. This process may include different algorithms. Let’s take one of that, i.e., we can use Arduino in inner circuit of refrigerator which will consist of different sensor which will detect temperature and then according to programming done in Arduino IDE will forwarded to Android phone as a means of SMS or a notifications.

  • Robocom: In Robocom algorithm, I had considered that there is a robot with the combination of PC set inbuilt. The whole Robocom design can be seen as shown below:

    Here, one can use motors, belts, connected sensors, softwares made by any language leading to necessary needs like: speech recognition software likewise as “OK GOOGLE”, image recognition or face recognition software made by matlab, java, and C#, etc. for recognizing the person standing in front of Robocom. There can be preinstalled language and command package which will help Robocom to inculcate the commands like: user will order “PRINT filename” and then data will be send to printer, i.e., to its legs as simple PC does in printing. Also, similar commands can be stored in database package which will enhance friendly nature of Robocom with user.

  • Interactive Games: This can include use of Kinect effect or using directly Microsoft offered Xbox 360 to enhance the feeling touch of player and greatly feeling like a smart home actually. This can be done by using smart Android TV to enhance entertainment.

  • Remote Management: This can include fully home automated device to control electrical components via an Android smartphone or a remote made by simply PCB programming done manually. This can include switching off or on fans, lights, electrical doors, connecting data from security alarms.

When the above code is being uploaded to Arduino UNO chip board, one can get full use of home electrical components through a self-made remote which is modified from a chip of old remote chip.

  • Message retrieval database collection: What this means? Actually, I inculcated this idea from helping elder people aging between 60-up years, as I experienced many times among these people that they are certainly forgets about taking medicines which are very much important for their diseases they are coping with. For example, let’s think that an old man sitting and doing his work, certainly forgets to take his medicines of diabetes or something like this and hence, will be coping with more problem. What will happen when the medicine itself called old man or reminds him by popping up a virtual reminder screen? By that, the old men and women won’t be there to forget anytime the medicine and will be happy to have this smart database collection.

Now, let’s understand the main idea of message retrieval database collection panel by looking down different ideas and methodologies:

  1. Digital Devices connection to Database collection panel: In this how we can apply, like embedding different wireless protocols to digital devices, take an example like a digital component is undergoing some process or setup and while processing the user went for a walk and then the process completed and suddenly without informing the user, the device shuts down and the unsaved data went to trash and enables loss of data. However, if connection of these types of devices is made with database collection panel which is the collection of different temporary data likewise can be cloud service, one drive, etc. then the important data will be saved. How? See the attached process flow chart image.

Now, the question arises what is actually the database collection panel? This can be answered as it will include a system or a microcontroller which will again and again store temporary data supplied by other devices connected with it. Then, the data which is there a need to inform user or member in the home will then in turn projects in the form of virtual touch screen which can be made using kinect effect in air. This will ensure the reaching of every important data to user and will benefit to save every important credentials in the supervision of human.

Digital Letter Box: This concept of Digital letter box can be understood as an advanced mode of simple traditional red letter box. In addition, this will comprise of a mini scanner or mini camera embedded with a program of recognizing text with efficient power. Or can include microcontroller which will process text recognition and will convert recognized text to a mini image format and will send or forward it to database collection panel desk which then projects and asks to accept the credential. With addition to that, it will include a locker type keypad which will help postman to enter the security key which will that ensures more security to the documents stored in box.

Cloud Service: This will include all the saved data that has been passed under the supervision of user and will then back up the whole data to private cloud which will ensures security to the data and which can in turn be accessed through any device anytime anywhere.

Security Cameras: This can be analyzed by fitting different digital security cameras which will be running and recording videos with audio for 24 hours leaving a second unrecorded.

However, in the end of this section, one can analyze each and every methodology explained above and can be applied efficiently to a smart home and will give a modern advanced smart support.

Key Points to Remember

However, with the advancement of the technology, one must not forget that technology definitely ensures success but technology also destructs human body health. One must not eliminate the exercises, jogging and all health conscious jobs because to use technology users should also be mentally, physically fit. This, in turn, reminds us that “HEALTH IS WEALTH”.


  • 11th July, 2016: Initial version


This article, along with any associated source code and files, is licensed under The Code Project Open License (CPOL)


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I am very much curious about new things to do which really benefit our society and their citizen's needs to high level. I love to do programming in Java Se since I have made a lot windows software same functioning as it does in real windows.

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