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One of the Most Unsafe CSS Attribute: target=_blank

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18 Jul 2016CPOL
One of the most unsafe CSS attribute: target=_blank

People who are new to blogging tend to use "target=_blank" attribute most often. This is generally a preferred choice of bloggers and content writers. "target=_blank" will open a link in a new tab and hence the user will never get a chance to go back to the previous page. This makes SEO of website or blog very good.

But there is one very big problem that bloggers don't notice and hence, it makes their blog/website vulnerable to the phishing attack. Let us tell you how:

Whenever a link is opened in a new tab, its window.opener points to the currently opened page, i.e., index.html. Now, the newly opened tab can then change the window.opener.location to some phishing page and hence malign index.html.

index.html could possibly be changed into index.html#malign which looks exactly the same as the currently opened page. This could result in hacking of your login credentials. Even Google knows this problem!!

How to Avoid Problem of target=_blank

To avoid this type of attack, add the following attribute in your links:


Firefox doesn't support rel="noopener", so use:

rel="noopener noreferrer"

A slight change in your links could save you from a large web attack. All the best!!

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Comments and Discussions

QuestionMore hype than real concern Pin
Noobs R Us21-Jan-17 16:57
professionalNoobs R Us21-Jan-17 16:57 
Newsarticle Pin
thewazz9-Oct-16 14:11
professionalthewazz9-Oct-16 14:11 
AnswerFurther Explanation Pin
Phương Lâm Nguyễn Bình20-Jul-16 17:00
memberPhương Lâm Nguyễn Bình20-Jul-16 17:00 
QuestionPlease explain further Pin
Member 1196392419-Jul-16 23:01
memberMember 1196392419-Jul-16 23:01 
AnswerRe: Please explain further Pin
Akinmade Bond24-Jul-16 12:54
professionalAkinmade Bond24-Jul-16 12:54 
QuestionWhat exactly is the problem??? Pin
James Curran18-Jul-16 8:19
memberJames Curran18-Jul-16 8:19 
This is more of a headline than an article. It skips over much detail..
  • What is the effect of changing 'window.opener.location" ?
  • How can this malign a website?
  • How can this 'result in hacking of your login credentials" ?
  • What does Google know about this problem, and what are they doing about it?
  • What exactly do "noopener" and "noreferrer" do ?
  • Do those rel attributes solve the problem, or do I still have to stop using "target=_blank"


AnswerRe: What exactly is the problem??? Pin
Akinmade Bond24-Jul-16 12:53
professionalAkinmade Bond24-Jul-16 12:53 

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Posted 18 Jul 2016

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