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Posted 24 Mar 2006


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AlphaGradientPanel, an extended panel

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24 Mar 2006CPOL
A panel that has rounded borders, gradients, and transparency.

Image 1


This is a panel, first of all. Therefore, it has all the advantages of a panel, plus some nice little features.

Using the code

You'll just have to include the component in your toolbox and use it.

The only property that is a bit special is the Colors() property. It is a collection of items and has design-time visibility in the property grid. I'm still trying to achieve transforming the color name that appears in the property grid in a nice drawing... If anybody knows how that can be achieved, please, please, please, let me know ;)


  • Rounded corners (any one of them or all at the same time).
  • Gradients (from 2 to n colors, with some special effects).
  • Transparency (any color can be made transparent with an "Alpha" value between 0 and 255).
  • Borders, even with rounded corners, have a nice little border.
  • Image inclusion (position, opacity, size, grayscale, and padding).
  • Padding of the content, of the back, and of the docking.


  • Version 1.0.


This article, along with any associated source code and files, is licensed under The Code Project Open License (CPOL)


About the Author

Nicolas Wälti
Software Developer (Senior)
Switzerland Switzerland
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Comments and Discussions

GeneralRe: Not a Microsoft.NET Module? Pin
vaderjm5-Aug-06 5:52
Membervaderjm5-Aug-06 5:52 
GeneralSmall problem Pin
Danilo Corallo6-Jul-06 12:46
MemberDanilo Corallo6-Jul-06 12:46 
AnswerRe: Small problem Pin
Nicolas Wälti29-Jul-06 6:33
MemberNicolas Wälti29-Jul-06 6:33 
GeneralCan't load in VB Express Pin
Apopka_Pilot25-May-06 10:43
MemberApopka_Pilot25-May-06 10:43 
GeneralRe: Can't load in VB Express Pin
seanwright5-Jul-06 5:05
Memberseanwright5-Jul-06 5:05 
QuestionUsage Requirements Pin
rdesigner19-May-06 10:44
Memberrdesigner19-May-06 10:44 
AnswerRe: Usage Requirements Pin
Nicolas Wälti20-May-06 4:37
MemberNicolas Wälti20-May-06 4:37 
QuestionHelp Pin
j.channon16-May-06 23:56
Memberj.channon16-May-06 23:56 
Hi! This is a brill panel and all works ok on my machine. I have a panel with a gradient of 2 colours however when I put the *.exe on other machines I dont get the gradient just a white background. Please help!

GeneralDude, this is tight! Pin
serialc0d310-May-06 3:26
Memberserialc0d310-May-06 3:26 
GeneralRe: Dude, this is tight! Pin
Nicolas Wälti10-May-06 3:31
MemberNicolas Wälti10-May-06 3:31 
GeneralThanks :) Pin
blroy521127-Apr-06 3:40
Memberblroy521127-Apr-06 3:40 
GeneralRe: Thanks :) Pin
Nicolas Wälti29-Jul-06 6:35
MemberNicolas Wälti29-Jul-06 6:35 
QuestionAny VS.NET 2003 Version? Pin
Xiaofeizai13-Apr-06 21:29
MemberXiaofeizai13-Apr-06 21:29 
QuestionHow can i implement this feature on my form Pin
shahrokh_hz8-Apr-06 3:16
Membershahrokh_hz8-Apr-06 3:16 
AnswerRe: How can i implement this feature on my form Pin
Nicolas Wälti8-Apr-06 22:18
MemberNicolas Wälti8-Apr-06 22:18 
QuestionWhere's the Article? Pin
unklegwar3-Apr-06 3:09
Memberunklegwar3-Apr-06 3:09 
AnswerRe: Where's the Article? Pin
Nicolas Wälti3-Apr-06 5:26
MemberNicolas Wälti3-Apr-06 5:26 
Generalit is good. Pin
so^fly2-Apr-06 20:23
Memberso^fly2-Apr-06 20:23 
GeneralRe: it is good. Pin
Nicolas Wälti4-Apr-06 7:19
MemberNicolas Wälti4-Apr-06 7:19 
GeneralSweet! Pin
pablleaf31-Mar-06 3:31
Memberpablleaf31-Mar-06 3:31 
GeneralRe: Sweet! Pin
Nicolas Wälti4-Apr-06 7:19
MemberNicolas Wälti4-Apr-06 7:19 
GeneralCan't Debug Pin
keith.b30-Mar-06 5:19
Memberkeith.b30-Mar-06 5:19 
QuestionRe: Can't Debug Pin
Nicolas Wälti31-Mar-06 0:56
MemberNicolas Wälti31-Mar-06 0:56 
Generalgreat Pin
dchan7829-Mar-06 0:56
Memberdchan7829-Mar-06 0:56 
GeneralRe: great Pin
Nicolas Wälti31-Mar-06 0:55
MemberNicolas Wälti31-Mar-06 0:55 

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