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ASP.NET and Globalization

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21 Jun 2011CPOL
ASP.NET and Globalization


Globalization allows your application to be used by people in different parts of the world who speak in different languages.

Resource Files - Heart Of Globalization

ASP.NET uses resource files to make supporting multiple languages simpler. VS 2005 IDE can automatically generate the resource files (.resx) for storing the different languages.

Mainly there are two types of resources:

  • Local: For single pages
  • Global: For all pages

Step 1: Start New Project

From VS 2005 IDE File -> New -> Web Project
Type the project name as GlobalizationSample.

Screenshot - first.jpg

Step 2: Generate the Resource File

Go to the Design View of Default.aspx.
Add one DropDownList and Label control from ToolBox.

Generate the Local Resource File from Tools -> Generate Local Resources.

Screenshot - generate_Local.jpg

It will generate the local resource file under App_LocalResources.

Screenshot - generate_Local_Result.jpg

Open the Default.aspx.resx file.

Update the Label1 text as follows and save the file.

Label1Resource1.Text : Hello

Step 3: Generate the Resource File for Other Language

  1. Copy the Default.aspx.resx file and paste it in App_LocalResources folder.

    Screenshot - copy.jpg

    Screenshot - paste.jpg

  2. Rename the file as (es -> indicates the Spanish culture)

    Screenshot - rename.jpg

  3. Open the file and update the label text as follows:
    Label1Resource1.Text : Hola

    Press Ctrl+F5 for running the application.

Here is the normal output:

Screenshot - english_result.jpg

Change the language in IE options Tools -> IE Options -> Languages.

Screenshot - take_language.jpg

Click Add and select the Spanish language.

Screenshot - select_spanish.jpg

Move up the language to top for default settings.

Screenshot - move_up.jpg

Click OK and refresh the page ........ Cooooool :-)))))

Screenshot - spanish_result.jpg

Full Source & Result

Screenshot - final_code.jpg

Screenshot - Final_Result.jpg

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