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Status List - Vista Style

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31 Mar 2007CPOL1 min read 59.4K   2.3K   89   10
A progress list for displaying the status of various tasks

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A while back, I created what I called a status label. The idea was to simplify task progress notifications. Often, you don't know how long a given task is going to take, or have any other way of tracking progress. This is where it came in handy. Anyway, truth be told, I wanted the same control, but with the ability to track those tasks where time/size or some other measure was available. I also wanted it to look a little nicer, with designer support and a Vista feel to it. It has come in very useful to me, and I hope the feedback tells me you have found a use as well.

I have renamed it StatusList, since that seemed more appropriate.

Using the code

The code usage has been made simple. Also there is designer support, so it should be fairly easy to implement into any project.

Simply add a reference to the DLL in your project and then add the control to your form. Everything is available from the designer, so there's no real need to show you all the code. I have attached the source code above, so it should be fairly easy to work out how to modify it for your needs.

Points of interest

The key features of this control are as follows:

  1. Four status modes: Pending, Completed, Running, Failed.
  2. Customisable fonts, colors, and title.
  3. Designer support; add items using designer and edit them live.
  4. Empty items; show a rectangle in the designer only (to make it easy to see your item).
  5. Percentage display.
  6. Progress bar display behind text.
  7. Custom progress values.


This is basically version 2 of my original control: StatusLabel.


This article, along with any associated source code and files, is licensed under The Code Project Open License (CPOL)

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Shaps currently works as the Senior Networks Administrator for a small IT company in Australia. He is also involved in various software developments, for Windows, Windows Mobile, iPhone, Mac and occasionally the web. His central focus in this area, is User Interface design.

If he had spare time, he'd play some tunes, read a book or visit the gym. Until then, he writes small applications for the iPhone that help improve his productivity at work.

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