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A simple thermometer chart for ASP.NET

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3.72 (10 votes)
15 May 2007Ms-PL
A simple thermometer chart for ASP.NET.

Thermometer Chart


jThermometer is a class for creating thermometer charts of the type used generally to show progress towards a fund raising goal. It arose out of my involvement in a charity walkathon. The organizer wanted to have a thermometer-type chart on a the walkathon's home page to indicate progress towards fund raising goals. I was unable to find anything free that seemed appropriate for the site, so I decided to create my own and share it here on CodeProject.

The chart uses GDI+ to compose an image and stream it out to the browser.

Using the code

For the purposes of portability, I've separated the chart into two parts:

  • jThermometer is a class that creates a bitmap using GDI+ and streams it out to the current request as a GIF image.
  • Thermometer.aspx is a web page that accepts various parameters controlling the appearance of the Thermometer chart and that can be referenced by an <IMG> tag on another web page.

Thermometer.aspx uses these query string values:

MIN:Value displayed at the bottom of the thermometer.
MAX:Value displayed at the top of the thermometer
IV:Value indicated on the thermometer.
T:Title displayed at the top of the thermometer
VT:Type of value (1=currency, 2=decimal, 3=integer)

Further work

At present, the thermometer does not scale. I'd like to have it automatically scale based on user-provided dimensions. There are also a lot of appearance-related aspects that should be controllable via properties, such as text color, indicator color, and the color of the mercury.


This article, along with any associated source code and files, is licensed under The Microsoft Public License (Ms-PL)


About the Author

Joe Lynds
Web Developer
United States United States
Joe is a software engineer. He lives in Pennsylvania where he develops software for manufacturing and human services when he is not at the park with his three boys.

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Posted 15 May 2007


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