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Posted 14 Sep 2007


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System - Virtual Desktop Manager

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11 Aug 2009GPL32 min read
Xeno Innovations' - Virtual Desktop Manager allows you to run 4 different desktops without filling up the taskbar and minimized GDI usage. (virtual window manager vdm vwm)
Screenshot - visual-help2.png


This is a Linux-like multiple desktop engine (virtual desktop manager) for your Microsoft Windows OS that allows the user to take a hold of the desktop environment. Many of the other programmers who made a Virtual Window Manager (VWM) simply moved your windows off screen to create this effect had trouble losing windows or could not move all windows in a program. Litestep and SharpE fell into this problem but would fix it through extra coding. However the method used here; hiding windows has a greater advantage of freeing up your taskbar items, memory usage as well as not losing the position of your workspace.

Like any multi-desktop environment, there are some programs that do not work well with either being moved to another location far off the screen (usually in a negative (x, y) position) or with being forced to hide (really rare). This is an issue that is fixed by allowing you to force specified windows to stay "sticky" - a method that allows windows to not hide on switch of desktop workspace.

Screenshot - screen-shot.jpg


  • Automatic self-update
  • Windows 2000/XP Alpha Transparency
  • Changeable VWM refresh rate (VWM - Virtual Window Manager)
  • Memorize Start-Up Position
  • Startup with Windows OS
  • Lock Toolbar Window
  • Gather All Desktops
  • VDM Window Z-Order position
    • VDM-Toolbar OnTop
    • VDM-Toolbar Apart of Desktop
    • VDM-Toolbar No Z-Order
  • Custom Backgrounds on each desktop
    • Stretch, Center or Tiled
    • Custom Background Color per Desktop
  • EZ Sticky Window Editor
  • Presets:
    • WINAMP
    • Shell_TrayWnd (Windows Taskbar)
    • "Windows Task Manager"

Scripting Behind Sticky Windows & Wallpaper

The program contains a scripting file (sys-vdm.dat) which may be modified by hand if needed, but is not recommended. This file is very self-explanatory.

Under the [sticky]...[/sticky] section the parameter, line delimited. Both parameters may be used together on the same line:

  • [cls]...[/cls] - Holds the Class Name of the sticky window
  • [txt]...[/txt] - Holds the Window Title of the sticky window

Under Wall Paper, there are three parameters per line.

  1. Desktop Window Index Number
  2. Wallpaper Style
  3. Path to Wallpaper
  [cls]Winamp v1.x[/cls]
  [cls]Winamp PE[/cls]
  [cls]Winamp EQ[/cls]
  [cls]Winamp Gen[/cls]
  [txt]Windows Task Manager[/txt]
  [txt]Virtual Desktop Manager - [VDM] Setup[/txt]

; ndx | style | path
;   xCenter  = 0
;   xTile    = 1
;   xStretch = 2
  1|2|G:\prog\sys-vdm\_skin\a gift of moonlight - blue.jpg


These critical files are for the Program & Self-Updating system (not included).

  • MSWINSCK.OCX (sp6)

[Download] - VB6 Run-Time Redistro Service Pack 6


  • 0.9.122: [2006-12-26]
    • Various Upgrades.. (can't remember right now)
  • 0.9.113
    • Applied background image switch with background color change, which is useful on Windows' systems earlier than 2000/XP
  • 0.9.100: [2005]
    • Losing windows during rapid switching fixed by disabling sys-vdm momentarily until switch of desktops is completely finished
  • 0.9.94: [2005-02-15]
    • Losing windows fixed through careless index number
    • 'Sticky Windows' upgraded.
  • 0.5.51: [2004-11-30]
    • Initial release

- Damian J. Suess of Xeno Innovations, Inc. [2000-2007]


This article, along with any associated source code and files, is licensed under The GNU General Public License (GPLv3)


About the Author

Damian Suess
CEO Xeno Innovations, Inc.
United States United States
[ Exceeding the Limits of Imagination ]

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