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Posted 15 Nov 2007
Licenced CPOL

Edit Flex Grid with Combo Box in VB 6

, 29 Jan 2009
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Using new ActiveX to edit Microsoft Flex grid with Combo box in VB 6
Screenshot - Imag5.jpg
Form1: Main form

Screenshot - Imag6.jpg

Form2: English language

Screenshot - Imag7.jpg

Form3: Arabic language


With beautiful VB6, I have some trials to edit something like invoice, I found Data grid not familiar to edit tables, also Flex grid has no method to edit. Now I create my ActiveX control using (MSFlexGrid) control, a hidden text box and a hidden combo box. I give the name (VB6Flexgrid) to my ActiveX. I create a project (prjFlexGrid) to test my control. I write the code under Visual Basic 6. With my ActiveX control, you can:

  • Edit any cell in flex grid
  • Delete any row
  • Delete all rows and begin with one row
  • Add combo box to any column and use more than one
  • Write data to any cell
  • Read data from any cell
  • Read all data from the grid


When using my ActiveX control (VB6Flexgrid), the flex grid begins with one row as Data grid control, then increases rows one by one after editing the previous row. My ActiveX control has some methods and some properties:




ColWidth(anyCol)Set column width in (Twip)VB6Flexgrid1.ColWidth(1) = 1500
TextMatrix(anyRow, anyCol)Get or set string for the cell (row, col)VB6Flexgrid1.TextMatrix(3, 2) = “VB6”
CellType anyCol, BLet Column include combo box if B = TrueVB6Flexgrid1.CellType 3, True
ComboClear anyColClear combo boxVB6Flexgrid1.ComboClear 3
ComboAddItem anyCol, anyStringAdd item to combo boxVB6Flexgrid1.ComboAddItem 3, “Visual Studio”
DelRowDelete current rowVB6Flexgrid1.DelRow
DelAllClear the gridVB6Flexgrid1.DelAll

To use my ActiveX (VB6Flexgrid), you must add the file VB6Flexgrid.ocx and MicrosoftFlexGrid control to ‘ToolBox’ as follows:

  • Click ‘ToolBox’, then choose Components.
  • From Components dialog, choose Microsoft FlexGrid Control 6.0.
  • Click ‘Browse’ then choose ‘VB6FlexGrid.ocx’ ActiveX control from where you had saved, then click ‘OK’.

Using the Code

About columns:

' Set number of columns:
VB6Flexgrid1.FixedCols = 0 ' if you do not need fixed columns 
VB6Flexgrid1.Cols = 5 ' number of columns
' Set width of column:
VB6Flexgrid1.ColWidth(1) = 1500 ' width in Twip
' Set alignment of column (You can change many using loop)
VB6Flexgrid1.ColAlignmentHeader(1) = flexAlignCenterCenter 
				' alignment of fixed row, column #1 (to Center)
VB6Flexgrid1.ColAlignment(1) = flexAlignLeftCenter ' alignment column #1 (to Left)

About combo box:

' Set combo box at any column:
VB6Flexgrid1.CellType 3, True  ' combo box at column #3
VB6Flexgrid1.ComboClear 3 ' clear this combo
VB6Flexgrid1.ComboAddItem 3, „Visual Studio" ' add item to this combo

About cell:

' Send data to any cell:
VB6Flexgrid1.TextMatrix(2, 3) = „VB6"
' Read any cell:
Dim strCell As String
strCell = VB6Flexgrid1. TextMatrix(3, 2)

You can go back to source files of the project (prjFlexGrid) to read more than the previous examples.


When extracting the file, you can find the file: ..\VBFlexGrid\ActiveXcontrol\VB6Flexgrid.ocx, find the project to test the ActiveX control in the folder: ..\ VBFlexGrid.

This project has three forms:

  • Form1: To choose language
  • Form2: For English language
  • Form3: For Arabic language

Form2 and Form3 have the same controls:

  • The ActiveX control (VB6Flexgrid1) adds the file VB6Flexgrid.ocx
  • The button control (btnDelOne) to delete one row
  • The button control (btnDelAll) to clear the grid
  • The button control (btnWriteCell) writes data to the first cell
  • The button control (btnReadOne) to read the current cell
  • The button control (btnReadAll) to copy all data from grid to list box
  • The button control (btnExit) closes the form
  • The list box control (lstAllData) holds data from grid

Last Words

I hope this article is useful and helps you to create your applications. If you have any ideas or if you find any problems, please tell me. Thanks to CodeProject and thanks to all.

-- Mostafa Kaisoun


This article, along with any associated source code and files, is licensed under The Code Project Open License (CPOL)


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