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VB.NET Knob Control using Windows Forms and GDI+

Knob Control Image

This code was originally written by Jigar Desai using C#. Naturally, as a VB Programmer, I needed to see if this control could be readily implemented using VB.NET. After many hours of hair pulling, this control has been successfully ported to VB.NET . Additionally, I added a new design-time property to the original control which allows the Knob Color to take on a different color than the control's background. The only change to the original code is the addition of the "KnobColor" Property. I have included the "TestKnobControl" Project to demonstate the use of this control's ValueChanged Event as well as the vast array of different colors now available for the control.

This control implements several interesting techniques, to include: Delegates, Properties, GDI+ and Overriding base methods. Special thanks, from the VB Community, to Jigar for his quick and positive response on my request to post this control in VB.NET.

The original Article for this control can be found on

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