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TRocket - Twitter Client [Open Source]

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19 Jun 2012CPOL3 min read 42.8K   2.9K   21   13
TRocket - An open source Twitter client.


TRocket is just like any other Twitter client. The only difference between TRocket and others is that TRocket is Open Source, which means any developer can modify it according to their own need.

Screenshot of the main form: 

Image 1

Screenshot of Link Shortener - Added in version

Image 2

Notification on start-up and on minimized to system try - Added in version

Image 3


TRocket is an open source project that I started in June 2011. Though the development on this project was done very quickly, due to certain personal issues, I was not able to release this on time.

Using the Code 

This program is coded in Visual Basic 2010. It uses twittervb library file, which can be downloaded from the TwitterVB API link at the top of this article.

Note that the code that is required before everything which you want to be downloaded from Twitter is:

Dim objReader As New System.IO.StreamReader(Application.StartupPath & "\" _
    & Form2.TextBox3.Text & "_OAuthtk.dat")
My.Settings.m_strToken = objReader.ReadLine()


Dim objReader1 As New System.IO.StreamReader(Application.StartupPath & "\" _
    & Form2.TextBox3.Text & "_OAuthtkST.dat")
My.Settings.m_strTokenSecret = objReader1.ReadLine()


tw.AuthenticateWith(consumer, consumersecret, My.Settings.m_strToken, _

This code reads the security tokens that are downloaded after you login and put the PIN in the application. 

Points of Interest

As I did this only for fun in the summer vacation, I did not get any time to clean up the code or add any proper comment lines to it. Please note that this application may take a few minutes to start-up at first. This is because login files are being downloaded.

*Sometimes, font might not show up properly on the application because of color issues. To solve this issue, go to: after login, click on your [Username]—->Settings—->Design—->Change Design Colors—->[CHANGE THE LINK COLOR]—->Save Changes. 

After that, restart the application.

Known Bugs:  

  1. The profile picture doesn't load properly sometimes. 

All programmers are requested to change the consumer and consumersecret string on all the forms with their own keys.

You can get those details form - [ACCOUNT REQUIRED]. 

Programmers are also requested to change this line in the bitly form: 

Private BitlyUrl As String = "{USERNAME}&apiKey={APIKEY}"      

You can use your {USERNAME} that you have used to register on and get the {APIKEY} from - [ACCOUNT REQUIRED].  


  • 4th December, 2011: Initial post    
  • 2nd June, 2012: Version, Verified user icon and link shortener added. About screen changed (dead link removed). 
  • 7th June, 2012: Version, Verified user code changed, lag has been removed, try... catch has been added (which will suppress all the errors), message box has been added to notify the user about what changes have been made. 
  • 19th June, 2012: Version, Notification added when application is starting up and when application is minimized to system tray. Logout button has been removed as it was causing issues. The issue of Tweet/Send button getting activated after 140 letters has now been resolved. API usage details have now been added. Application now asks the user if he/she wants to follow the developer(me) of this application, on first login.  

About page:

Image 4

I will keep on updating this post from time to time. You can get more information about me on my website:

This is my first post on this website. I hope you like it.     


This article, along with any associated source code and files, is licensed under The Code Project Open License (CPOL)

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