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Shell script for converting progressive JPEGs to baseline

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10 Aug 2012CPOL 14.7K   3
Identify all progressive JPEGs in a directory tree and batch convert them to baseline.

The following Linux shell script will identify all progressive JPEGs, in the directory tree under the directory it resides in, and batch convert them to baseline.

It requires ImageMagick to be installed (on Fedora install it like this: yum install ImageMagick)

for img in `find . -name "*" | egrep *\.jpe?g$`
  idout=`identify -verbose $img | grep -i interlace | grep -i none$`

  if [[ -z $idout ]]
    echo "-------------------------"
    echo "$img is progressive"
    echo "....making copy of original with .prog extension"
    /bin/cp -f $img $img.prog
    echo "....converting to baseline"
    convert $img -interlace none $img 
    echo "....done!"
    #echo "$img is non-progressive"
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Comments and Discussions

Questionfolder names with spaces Pin
Member 1395909723-Aug-18 3:12
Member 1395909723-Aug-18 3:12 
QuestionThis is great, but fails on whitespaces in filenames. Pin
Member 116733647-May-15 11:44
Member 116733647-May-15 11:44 
I realize this is a very old post, and you may well have moved on from paying attention to it, but would it be possible to modify this script to handle whitespaces in filenames?

Thank you very much!
SuggestionA Tip... Pin
Sandeep Mewara9-Aug-12 18:18
mveSandeep Mewara9-Aug-12 18:18 

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