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Asynchronous WinHTTP Library

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10 Dec 2009CPOL
Tiny WinHTTP API wrapper library for asynchronous HTTP with callback handler


The AsyncWinHttp is a simple wrapper of WinHTTP to achieve asynchronous HTTP. WinHtpp API is a replacement of WinINet API (see About WinHTTP for more information of why Microsoft recommends to use WinHttp API).

The library provides a very simple interface, the user can register a callback function when initializing the class. And the callback will be invoked when HTTP finished. The interface is shown as:

Image 1


This code is based on the sample of WinHTTP from MSDN, with a wrapper for simple use. 

Using the Code

To use the library is very simple, all you need is the two files:

  • AsyncWinHttp.h
  • AsyncWinHttp.cpp

First, you need to define your callback functions. These functions will be invoked when HTTP finished (whether succeeded or failed):

void WinHttp_CallBack(AsyncWinHttp* asyncWinHttp)
  // check if success or failed
  if (asyncWinHttp->status.Status() == ASYNC_WINHTTP_ERROR)
    // print error message
    printf("%S", asyncWinHttp->status.Desc().c_str());
  else // success
    // print response, do your handling here ...
    std::string response;
    printf("%s", response.c_str());

Now you can invoke the request to HTTP resources:

  AsyncWinHttp http;
  http.SetTimeout(3 * 60 * 1000);  // time out is 3 minutes

Of course, you can use a Windows event to wait for the asynchronous HTTP call to finish, as shown in the demo, but I think most of you will not do so, since we need a really asynchronous HTTP. ;)


  • 11th December, 2009: Initial post 


This article, along with any associated source code and files, is licensed under The Code Project Open License (CPOL)


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Comments and Discussions

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Posted 10 Dec 2009

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