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PSC: Basic Script

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23 Mar 2013CPOL
Still not sure what the final script will do but I have to detect how the script is started and act accordingly.

So the challenge was accepted! Follow it here! One of the conditions was that the script has to perform like a program or command line tool to be exact! But why go for one when you can go for both! Still not sure what the final script will do but I have to detect how the script is started and act accordingly.

I always use Option explicit, makes troubleshooting so much easier!

Option explicit

Check if the script is running from console or windows mode by checking the WScript.FullName string.

If InStr(1, WScript.FullName, "cscript", vbTextCompare) Then
ElseIf InStr(1, WScript.FullName, "wscript", vbTextCompare) Then
	' Hope this never fires! 
    wscript.echo "How the hell did you start this script?"
End If

Sub for handling the command line version. Checks for command line arguments, if none, displays help.

Sub InitConsole()
	'Check if we have any parameters
	If Wscript.Arguments.Count = 0 then
		'Display help
		wscript.echo "You didn't supply any command line parameters... At least one parameter is required!"
		'Verify the parameters
		wscript.echo "You supplied " & Wscript.Arguments.Count & " arguments!"
	End If
End Sub

Sub for handling if the user double clicks the script...

Sub InitWindow()
	wscript.echo "You are running this by dubble click..."
End Sub

Stay tuned for the next version!


This article, along with any associated source code and files, is licensed under The Code Project Open License (CPOL)


About the Author

I develop in C# on .Net platforms like MVC. Like to use jQuery to build rich interfaces. I also blog about development and snags I got and the solutions I found for them.

I also a full time CIO at a Swedish energy company. When there is time I do some part time consulting on cloud issues.

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Posted 23 Mar 2013

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