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Posted 6 Jan 2004


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Retrieving date and time from remote server using NetRemoteTOD in VB.NET

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6 Jan 2004
This article will show how to retrieve the date and time from a remote server using the NetRemoteTOD function


This project shows how to use the NetRemoteTOD to retrieve the date/time from a remote server using VB.NET


Add the following imports line to your code:

Imports System.Runtime.InteropServices

API Functions

Add the following functions to your code:

Private Declare Unicode Function NetRemoteTOD Lib "netapi32" ( _
  <MarshalAs(UnmanagedType.LPWStr)> ByVal ServerName As String, _
  ByRef BufferPtr As IntPtr) As Integer
Private Declare Function NetApiBufferFree Lib _
  "netapi32" (ByVal Buffer As IntPtr) As Integer


Add the following structure to your code:

Dim tod_elapsedt As Integer
Dim tod_msecs As Integer
Dim tod_hours As Integer
Dim tod_mins As Integer
Dim tod_secs As Integer
Dim tod_hunds As Integer
Dim tod_timezone As Integer
Dim tod_tinterval As Integer
Dim tod_day As Integer
Dim tod_month As Integer
Dim tod_year As Integer
Dim tod_weekday As Integer
End Structure


Add the following function to your code:

Function GetNetRemoteTOD(ByVal strServerName As String) As Date
Dim iRet As Integer
Dim ptodi As IntPtr
Dim dDate As Date
strServerName = strServerName & vbNullChar
iRet = NetRemoteTOD(strServerName, ptodi)
If iRet = 0 Then
todi = CType(Marshal.PtrToStructure(ptodi, GetType(TIME_OF_DAY_INFO)), _
dDate = DateSerial(todi.tod_year, todi.tod_month, todi.tod_day) + " " + _
TimeSerial(todi.tod_hours, todi.tod_mins - todi.tod_timezone, todi.tod_secs)
GetNetRemoteTOD = dDate
MsgBox("Error retrieving time")
End If
MsgBox("Error in GetNetRemoteTOD: " & Err.Description)
End Try
End Function

Calling the function

Here is a sample code used to call the function. "servername" is replaced with the name of the actual server that you want to get the date/time from:

Dim dRemoteDate As Date
dRemoteDate = GetNetRemoteTOD("servername")
MsgBox("The remote date is " & dRemoteDate)


That's all folks! I wanted to make this as easy to understand as possible. I am also attaching a complete sample project which has this interface:

Sample screenshot

Let me know if you have any questions.


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hmlinder9-Jan-04 0:26
Memberhmlinder9-Jan-04 0:26 
AnswerRe: How about net time Pin
SeaWater9-Jan-04 2:38
MemberSeaWater9-Jan-04 2:38 
Smile | :) Hello, you can use net time but, net time is intended to be used as a command line tool and not an api. There are also a couple of disadvantages of using net time instead of NetRemoteTOD:

1. Net Time is an older command line tool from Microsoft.

2. You must be logged on to the system in order for net time to work. (Not the case with NetRemoteTOD). In the case the system boots up and no one is logged in, the net time command will not work unless you log in.

3. The main problem with net time is that it behaves differently on Windows NT/2K/XP/2003 and Win3x/95/98 in how it handles time zones. On the other hand, when using NetRemoteTOD, you have complete control of the time zone as you see in the code above.


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