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Serialize DependencyObject: It's easy !

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25 Feb 2010Ms-PL
An easy way to perform serialization of these objects

You often read on the web that the DependencyObjects are not marked as serializable and that this is a major drawback...

But there is an easy way to perform serialization of these objects: use XAMLWriter and XAMLReader:

public class MyDependencyObject : DependencyObject
public static readonly DependencyProperty MyDependencyPropertyProperty =
	typeof(String), typeof(MyDependencyObject));
  public String MyDependencyProperty
    get { return (String)GetValue(MyDependencyObject.MyDependencyPropertyProperty); }
    set { SetValue(MyDependencyObject.MyDependencyPropertyProperty, value); }
MyDependencyObject obj = new MyDependencyObject();
obj.MyDependencyProperty = "One love";
String serializedString = XamlWriter.Save(obj);

It will produce something like this:

<MyDependencyObject MyDependencyProperty="One love" 

	xmlns="clr-namespace:ANTOINE.Jonathan;assembly=ANTOINE.Jonathan" />
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This article, along with any associated source code and files, is licensed under The Microsoft Public License (Ms-PL)


About the Author

Software Developer
France (Metropolitan) France (Metropolitan)
Jonathan creates software, mostly with C#,WPF and XAML.

He really likes to works on every Natural User Interfaces(NUI : multitouch, touchless, etc...) issues.

He is awarded Microsoft MVP in the "Client Application Development" section since 2011.

You can check out his WPF/C#/NUI/3D blog

He is also the creator of the WPF French community web site :

Here is some videos of the projects he has already work on :

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QuestionAny easy solution for generics too? Pin
hans windhoff30-Sep-11 18:17
Memberhans windhoff30-Sep-11 18:17 

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Posted 25 Feb 2010

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