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Posted 30 Apr 2010

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International Number Formats

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30 Apr 2010CPOL3 min read
This article explains different number formatting based on locale


Recently, I was surprised to discover that in addition to the standard US number format (1,234.67) and some European country format (1.234,56 and 1 234,56), there are other number formats. So I wrote a function that lists all of the number formats out there in VB.NET.

Public Function GetCultureSelect() As String
 Dim oHashtable As New Hashtable
 For Each oCultureInfo As System.Globalization.CultureInfo _
	In System.Globalization.CultureInfo.GetCultures_
  Dim sKey As String = oCultureInfo.Name
  Dim sName As String = oCultureInfo.EnglishName
   Dim oNumberFormat As System.Globalization.NumberFormatInfo = oCultureInfo.NumberFormat
   Dim s As String = oNumberFormat.CurrencyDecimalSeparator
   Dim sFormat As String = "1" & oNumberFormat.CurrencyGroupSeparator & "234" & _
	oNumberFormat.CurrencyDecimalSeparator & "56"
   If oHashtable.ContainsKey(sFormat) = False Then
    oHashtable.Add(sFormat, sKey & " - " & sName)
    oHashtable(sFormat) += "<br>" & sKey & " - " & sName
   End If
  Catch ex As Exception
  End Try
 Dim sb As New System.Text.StringBuilder()
 sb.Append("<table border=1>" & vbCrLf)
 sb.Append("<tr><th>Format</th><th>Country</th></tr>" & vbCrLf)
 For Each oEntry As DictionaryEntry In oHashtable
  sb.Append("<tr><td valign=top>" & oEntry.Key & "</td><td>" & _
	oEntry.Value & "</td></tr>" & vbCrLf)
 Return sb.ToString()
End Function 

Here is the table this VB.NET function returns:

1,234.56- Invariant Language (Invariant Country)
ar-SA - Arabic (Saudi Arabia)
zh-TW - Chinese (Taiwan)
en-US - English (United States)
he-IL - Hebrew (Israel)
ja-JP - Japanese (Japan)
ko-KR - Korean (Korea)
th-TH - Thai (Thailand)
ur-PK - Urdu (Islamic Republic of Pakistan)
hy-AM - Armenian (Armenia)
af-ZA - Afrikaans (South Africa)
hi-IN - Hindi (India)
sw-KE - Kiswahili (Kenya)
pa-IN - Punjabi (India)
gu-IN - Gujarati (India)
ta-IN - Tamil (India)
te-IN - Telugu (India)
kn-IN - Kannada (India)
mr-IN - Marathi (India)
sa-IN - Sanskrit (India)
kok-IN - Konkani (India)
syr-SY - Syriac (Syria)
dv-MV - Divehi (Maldives)
ar-IQ - Arabic (Iraq)
zh-CN - Chinese (People's Republic of China)
en-GB - English (United Kingdom)
es-MX - Spanish (Mexico)
ar-EG - Arabic (Egypt)
zh-HK - Chinese (Hong Kong S.A.R.)
en-AU - English (Australia)
ar-LY - Arabic (Libya)
zh-SG - Chinese (Singapore)
en-CA - English (Canada)
es-GT - Spanish (Guatemala)
ar-DZ - Arabic (Algeria)
zh-MO - Chinese (Macao S.A.R.)
en-NZ - English (New Zealand)
ar-MA - Arabic (Morocco)
en-IE - English (Ireland)
es-PA - Spanish (Panama)
ar-TN - Arabic (Tunisia)
en-ZA - English (South Africa)
es-DO - Spanish (Dominican Republic)
ar-OM - Arabic (Oman)
en-JM - English (Jamaica)
ar-YE - Arabic (Yemen)
en-029 - English (Caribbean)
ar-SY - Arabic (Syria)
en-BZ - English (Belize)
es-PE - Spanish (Peru)
ar-JO - Arabic (Jordan)
en-TT - English (Trinidad and Tobago)
ar-LB - Arabic (Lebanon)
en-ZW - English (Zimbabwe)
ar-KW - Arabic (Kuwait)
en-PH - English (Republic of the Philippines)
ar-AE - Arabic (U.A.E.)
ar-BH - Arabic (Bahrain)
ar-QA - Arabic (Qatar)
es-SV - Spanish (El Salvador)
es-HN - Spanish (Honduras)
es-NI - Spanish (Nicaragua)
es-PR - Spanish (Puerto Rico)
zu-ZA - Zulu (South Africa)
xh-ZA - Xhosa (South Africa)
tn-ZA - Tswana (South Africa)
quz-PE - Quechua (Peru)
cy-GB - Welsh (United Kingdom)
fil-PH - Filipino (Philippines)
iu-Latn-CA - Inuktitut (Latin) (Canada)
mi-NZ - Maori (New Zealand)
ga-IE - Irish (Ireland)
moh-CA - Mohawk (Canada)
ns-ZA - Northern Sotho (South Africa)
mt-MT - Maltese (Malta)
1.234,56ca-ES - Catalan (Catalan)
da-DK - Danish (Denmark)
de-DE - German (Germany)
el-GR - Greek (Greece)
is-IS - Icelandic (Iceland)
it-IT - Italian (Italy)
nl-NL - Dutch (Netherlands)
pt-BR - Portuguese (Brazil)
ro-RO - Romanian (Romania)
hr-HR - Croatian (Croatia)
sq-AL - Albanian (Albania)
sv-SE - Swedish (Sweden)
tr-TR - Turkish (Turkey)
id-ID - Indonesian (Indonesia)
sl-SI - Slovenian (Slovenia)
lt-LT - Lithuanian (Lithuania)
vi-VN - Vietnamese (Vietnam)
eu-ES - Basque (Basque)
mk-MK - Macedonian (Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia)
fo-FO - Faroese (Faroe Islands)
ms-MY - Malay (Malaysia)
gl-ES - Galician (Galician)
fr-BE - French (Belgium)
nl-BE - Dutch (Belgium)
pt-PT - Portuguese (Portugal)
sr-Latn-CS - Serbian (Latin, Serbia)
ms-BN - Malay (Brunei Darussalam)
de-AT - German (Austria)
es-ES - Spanish (Spain)
sr-Cyrl-CS - Serbian (Cyrillic, Serbia)
de-LU - German (Luxembourg)
es-CR - Spanish (Costa Rica)
es-VE - Spanish (Venezuela)
es-CO - Spanish (Colombia)
es-AR - Spanish (Argentina)
es-EC - Spanish (Ecuador)
es-CL - Spanish (Chile)
es-UY - Spanish (Uruguay)
es-PY - Spanish (Paraguay)
es-BO - Spanish (Bolivia)
sr-Cyrl-BA - Serbian (Cyrillic) (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
fy-NL - Frisian (Netherlands)
se-SE - Sami (Northern) (Sweden)
sma-SE - Sami (Southern) (Sweden)
hr-BA - Croatian (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
bs-Latn-BA - Bosnian (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
bs-Cyrl-BA - Bosnian (Cyrillic) (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
arn-CL - Mapudungun (Chile)
quz-EC - Quechua (Ecuador)
sr-Latn-BA - Serbian (Latin) (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
smj-SE - Sami (Lule) (Sweden)
quz-BO - Quechua (Bolivia)
1'234.56de-CH - German (Switzerland)
it-CH - Italian (Switzerland)
fr-CH - French (Switzerland)
de-LI - German (Liechtenstein)
rm-CH - Romansh (Switzerland)
1 234,56bg-BG - Bulgarian (Bulgaria)
cs-CZ - Czech (Czech Republic)
fi-FI - Finnish (Finland)
fr-FR - French (France)
hu-HU - Hungarian (Hungary)
nb-NO - Norwegian, Bokmål (Norway)
pl-PL - Polish (Poland)
ru-RU - Russian (Russia)
sk-SK - Slovak (Slovakia)
uk-UA - Ukrainian (Ukraine)
be-BY - Belarusian (Belarus)
lv-LV - Latvian (Latvia)
az-Latn-AZ - Azeri (Latin, Azerbaijan)
ka-GE - Georgian (Georgia)
uz-Latn-UZ - Uzbek (Latin, Uzbekistan)
tt-RU - Tatar (Russia)
mn-MN - Mongolian (Cyrillic, Mongolia)
nn-NO - Norwegian, Nynorsk (Norway)
sv-FI - Swedish (Finland)
az-Cyrl-AZ - Azeri (Cyrillic, Azerbaijan)
uz-Cyrl-UZ - Uzbek (Cyrillic, Uzbekistan)
fr-CA - French (Canada)
fr-LU - French (Luxembourg)
fr-MC - French (Principality of Monaco)
sma-NO - Sami (Southern) (Norway)
smn-FI - Sami (Inari) (Finland)
se-FI - Sami (Northern) (Finland)
sms-FI - Sami (Skolt) (Finland)
smj-NO - Sami (Lule) (Norway)
lb-LU - Luxembourgish (Luxembourg)
se-NO - Sami (Northern) (Norway)
1,234/56fa-IR - Persian (Iran)
1 234-56kk-KZ - Kazakh (Kazakhstan)
ky-KG - Kyrgyz (Kyrgyzstan)
1 234.56et-EE - Estonian (Estonia)

I hope someone might find this information useful.


This article, along with any associated source code and files, is licensed under The Code Project Open License (CPOL)


About the Author

Igor Krupitsky
Web Developer
United States United States
Igor is a business intelligence consultant working in Tampa, Florida. He has a BS in Finance from University of South Carolina and Masters in Information Management System from University of South Florida. He also has following professional certifications: MCSD, MCDBA, MCAD.

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