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Extended (Inherited) Versions of List and Combo Box Controls

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4.19 (10 votes)
16 Sep 2019CPOL
Extended versions of ListBox and ComboBox controls which allow images, font, and color for individual items

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ExtListBox and ExtComboBox inherit from the ListBox and ComboBox controls, respectively--and have the following extra features:

  1. Allows one to specify images to display before (or in place of) text for individual list items, as well as the ability to set the fonts and colors of the text of individual items
  2. Allows one to have multi-line text for a given list item (simply embed carriage-return/line-feed sequences in the item's text)
  3. Allows one to intelligently line up columns of list items (ExtListBox only) with one command

Using the Code

Custom Members

ExtListBox and ExtComboBox Controls

These inherit from ListBox and ComboBox, respectively--and have the following custom features:

  1. DrawMode -- Specifies where one is to have a fixed or variable vertical item-height, based on ExtListAndCombo.DrawMode enumeration value. (The control is always configured as "owner-draw" to allow graphic manipulation--although the DrawItem and MeasureItem events are suppressed, since the control does its own custom imaging. If you attempt to set DrawMode to DrawMode.Normal, an exception is thrown.)
  2. DisplayMode -- Specifies whether to display text only, images only, or both (image to left, text to right) based on ExtListAndCombo.DisplayMode enumeration value.
  3. ImageSize and ImagePadding -- Determine dimensions (Size) and Padding of images displayed; defaults to a square image with 1 pixel of padding all round, sized using initial ItemHeight value. DefaultImage specifies Image to display when none is specified for a list-item; defaults to no image.
  4. SelectedItemInfo -- Gets or sets full information (including image/font/color) about the selected list item, as an ItemInfo instance.

Custom Members of Auxiliary Classes

ItemInfo Class

An instance of this class contains the object, and the graphical information associated with it, of a list item or potential list item. Its members are as follows:

  1. Value -- Property for Object of list item
  2. Image -- Property for Image to be assigned to list item. If Nothing, then the value of the underlying control's DefaultImage property (or no image if that property is also Nothing) will be assigned by default when the item is assigned or added to the list.
  3. Font -- Property for Font to use when displaying item text; defaults to the control's Font property
  4. Color -- Property for foreground Color that item text displays item in when not highlighted; defaults to control's ForeColor property
  5. ToString -- Method for item's text; always the same as Value.ToString

ExtListBox.ObjectCollection and ExtComboBox.ObjectCollection Classes (Items Property)

These inherit from ListBox.ObjectCollection and ComboBox.ObjectCollection, respectively. The principal custom functionality is as follows:

  1. Item(index) gets or sets the underlying Object corresponding to a list item; ItemInfo(index) gets or sets a list item's full graphical information, as specified by an ItemInfo instance. (ItemInfo(index).Value = Item(index).)
  2. Add and Insert feature overloads that allow one to optionally specify image, font, and/or color for an object; each also has an overload that takes an ItemInfo instance specifying the list item and its graphical information as a single parameter.
  3. AddRange features overloads that take an Object() array or a base-class ObjectCollection instance with optional (common) image/font/color as parameters. It also has overloads that take an ItemInfo() array or a derived-class ObjectCollection as the sole parameter; the latter is useful when each list item has different graphical information.
  4. CopyTo copies either the main object (value) to an Object() array, or the full information (including image, font, and color) to an ItemInfo() array, depending on the type of array specified.

ExtListBox.IntegerCollection class (CustomTabOffsets property)

This inherits from ListBox.IntegerCollection; its custom features are as follows:

  1. The Item(index) values for tab offsets are specified in pixels, rather than dialog units; the offsets are relative to the beginning of the text portion of a list entry.
  2. AddRange allows one to specify an Integer() array, an existing (derived-class) IntegerCollection, or a base-class IntegerCollection, as its parameter. (In the latter case, dialog units are converted, using the control's overall Font, into pixels.)
  3. An AlignTabs method is provided which measures all of the columns in the list items and creates/expands tab offsets so that all corresponding columns line up horizontally. It also sets the HorizontalExtent property of the control in case a HorizontalScrollbar is enabled. It takes an optional Integer parameter (defaults to 1) to specify minimum pixels of white-space between columns. (Even if no list items use tabs, this method is useful when using a horizontal scroll bar, because it sets the HorizontalExtent property to the longest item;--be sure to enable HorizontalScrollbar first.)

Unlike the standard ListBox control, ExtListBox does not use "default tabs" if custom tabs are not specified. If UseCustomTabOffsets is False, or if no tab offsets are created, then any tab characters in the text are left unexpanded.

ExtListBox.SelectedIndexCollection class (SelectedIndices property)

This inherits from ListBox.SelectedIndexCollection.

ExtListBox.SelectedObjectCollection class (SelectedItems property)

This inherits from ListBox.SelectedObjectCollection, and has the following custom functionality:

  1. ItemInfo(index), which gets or sets the full information about a list item as an ItemInfo instance.
  2. CopyTo copies list into array--Object() for main object or ItemInfo() for full information.
  1. Since I have been unable to ensure that the DataSource property stores the full information (image, font, and color along with object values) about items from a data source, this property is "disabled". It is shadowed as read-only and returns Nothing;--as a result, the DisplayMember and ValueMember properties, which themselves have trouble accessing "nested" properties (i.e., "Value.displayorvalueproperty") anyway, are not particularly useful either. (Sorry about that, and if anyone can fix this, I'm interested.) You can instead load your data into an array or ObjectCollection and add then use AddRange to add it manually. (This technique affords you more control, particularly over the graphical information, anyway.)
  2. Because of the way that each control's ObjectCollection is extended, the Items property--and, for the ExtListBox control, the SelectedIndices and SelectedItems properties--are not accessible (browsable) at design time. You must fill the list (and make any pre-selections) at run-time!
  3. If you use "For Each variable ..." to enumerate the ObjectCollection (Items property) or SelectedObjectCollection (SelectedItems property), each variable will be of type ItemInfo, with the full information about the entry. Use variable.Value to access the underlying Object.
'   Get namespace
Imports ExtListAndCombo

'   ExtListBox
'   set up information for a list item
Dim ItemInfo As ItemInfo = New ItemInfo("Multi-line" & ControlChar.CrLf & "text", _
   ImageList1.Images.Item(0), New Font("Arial"), Color.Red)
'   add items
ExtListBox1.Items.Add(ItemInfo) ' specify all info at once
ExtListBox1.Items.Add(Value, Image, Font, Color) ' specify info separately
ExtListBox1.Items.Add("Column 1, Row 1" & vbTab & "Column two, Row two" & vbCrLf _
   & "Column one, Row two" & vbTab & "Column 2, Row 2")  ' use default graphics
ExtListBox1.CustomTabOffsets.AlignTabs(3) ' line up columns with at least 3 pixels between them

'   ExtComboBox
'   set up defaults
ExtComboBox1.DropDownStyle = System.Windows.Forms.ComboBoxStyle.DropDownList
ExtComboBox1.DrawMode = ExtListAndCombo.UseVariableHeight
ExtComboBox1.DisplayMode = ExtListAndCombo.DisplayMode.ShowImageAndText
'   manipulate info
ExtComboBox1.DefaultImage = ImageList1.Item(2)
ExtComboBox1.ItemInfo(Index) = ItemInfo ' set all info for an item
ExtComboBox1.DroppedDown = True ' display list

Points of Interest

In order to ensure that the items in the list and their respective graphical information are kept synchronized whenever changes are made to the list, the full information is stuffed into an ItemInfo instance, which is what MyBase.Item of the ObjectCollection sees. Also, this project relies heavily on inheriting, overriding, and (particularly) shadowing pre-existing members in order to splice in the custom functionality.

It should be noted that while the end user sees and uses the collections of the derived classes for these controls, the CLR sees and uses the collections of their base classes. As a result, the respective (derived- and base-control) collections have to be synchronized in order for the "behind the scenes" stuff to function properly. To facilitate this, the ObjectCollection, SelectedIndexCollection (ExtListBox only), and SelectedObjectCollection (ExtListBox only) feature an "infrastructure" property (exposed only to the ExtListBox and ExtComboBox controls, not external projects) --BaseCollection, which are set to MyBase.Items, MyBase.SelectedIndices, and MyBase.SelectedItems, respectively.

P.S. The FindString and FindStringExact methods of the controls are shadowed in order to fix a known bug in the base-class controls, which causes exceptions to be thrown when the start index is equal to the last item. The derived-class versions use an index of -1 (beginning of list) whenever the specified index is the last item, thus avoiding the exception.

P.P.S. This version has been updated to fix a bug involving the SelectedIndices and SelectedItem properties whenever multi-selection is allowed (see above for more).


This article, along with any associated source code and files, is licensed under The Code Project Open License (CPOL)


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