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Biological Studies as the Basis of Encryption

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29 May 2013CPOL4 min read 44.5K   17   10
Encryption methods using biological basis. As with many technologies, the first announcements do not make many waves and it takes time for the mainstream media to understand the significance of such announcements and separate them from all the other noise.


As with many technologies, the first announcements do not make many waves and it takes time for the mainstream media to understand the significance of such announcements and separate them from all the other noise. Maybe its because current encryption standards are so strong that the significance of this item has not been understood yet.

Let's take a quick review of the state of encryption today. Today several encryption methods exist and through increasing the key sizes it makes it virtually impossible to crack them, or at least so hard that only a very determined government could even muster enough computer resources to crack a message. But while unlikely to be in the Hollywood fashion, some day there WILL be breakthroughs in encryption algorithm cracking less fantastic but similar to seen in the movie Sneakers. In the movie Sneakers a chip is invented which can crack any encryption. Certainly I do not expect we will see such an advance, or that such an advance is even likely in the near term future. But less general and more specific techniques will be discovered just as breakthroughs in mathematics are occasionally discovered, and in fact breakthroughs in mathematics are exactly what are needed since encryption is based on mathematics.

When these breakthroughs occur, existing encryption methods will fall prey to unwanted decryption and increasing key size will not help. Current cracking generally relies on brute force attacks so bigger keys make the amount of computing resources needed impractical. But if the general algorithm is cracked, then increasing the key size will not affect the required computing resources very much.

What is unique about this new type of encryption is that the algorithm is uniquely different. The algorithm is based on a relatively unknown area of scientific study called Natural Algorithm Studies. Natural Algorithm Studies studies nature and finds useful algorithms in nature. This technique is not new, and nature is famous for creating useful patters such as crystals, sand grain pyramids, and more. What is new, is the application of this technique to encryption science. The source of this new technique is hundreds of thousands of years old and proven by nature itself.

With public key encryption such as PGP, anyone who has a public key can encrypt something that only the intended person with the matching private key can decrypt. This new natural encryption has similar attributes, but works a little differently. This natural encryption contains two groups (M and WOM) and thus the algorithms have been tentatively named M-Encoding and WOM-Encoding. Data encrypted by the M group can only be decrypted by other M group types with the proper keys. And the same holds true for the WOM group.

What is unique is that the encryption produces output that appears to be valid to the other group, yet when decrypted produces invalid output, yet it appears valid. That is the unique capability – its false flag or camouflage ability!

So if someone tries to decrypt a M type message using a WOM type they will get a message which they think is valid, yet it is false. And because of the rules of nature, it is absolutely impossible for a M group to ever read a WOM group message successfully, or a WOM group to read a M group message.

What strange algorithm of nature is this new encryption based on? Well its based on the human brain speech center. Take a bit closer look at the M and WOM group names: Mencoding and Womencoding.

While some have claimed to crack this encryption, none have been truly successful and those that have are just looking for headlines. Any one of us who is married or has a significant other knows full well that when the encryption of the sexes is turned on – it is purely undecipherable and no force on earth will ever crack it.

Sample 1 

  • Wife: Go and buy sausage. If they have eggs, buy ten.
  • Programmer goes to store: Do you have eggs?
  • Storekeeper: Yes.
  • Programmer: Then give me ten sausages.

Sample 2

Actual directions sent to me by a friend who got these from his wife. A few details blanked out for privacy.

Image 1 

And now the revised "man" directions.

From airport proceed towards XXX on highway. At third round about take the only exit that is a dirt road. First house on left. House has rock wall. Come inside. Call xxxxx if you get lost.


That's my thought for the day. Hope you enjoyed it. Happy decrypting! Smile | :)


This article, along with any associated source code and files, is licensed under The Code Project Open License (CPOL)

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Cyprus Cyprus
Chad Z. Hower, a.k.a. Kudzu
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I am a former Microsoft Regional DPE (MEA) covering 85 countries, former Microsoft Regional Director, and 10 Year Microsoft MVP.

I have lived in Bulgaria, Canada, Cyprus, Switzerland, France, Jordan, Russia, Turkey, The Caribbean, and USA.

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