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Asif embarked on his programming journey back in 1991 when he first encountered 80286 8-16 MHz systems. His programming repertoire began with dBase III+, FoxPro, C, and assembly language, where he honed exceptional skills that have been a cornerstone of his development career.

Over the years, Asif's programming saga has seen him delve into a wide array of technologies and languages, ranging from C++, VC++, Java, Delphi, RPG400, SQL Server, and Oracle, to name just a few. His insatiable curiosity continues to lead him towards newer horizons, such as DOT Net Technologies, SOA architectures, BI, DSL, and beyond. These learning experiences are underscored by a robust theoretical foundation, with a penchant for research.

Beyond the realm of technology, Asif's interests include delving into the pages of fiction, exploring biotechnology, and gazing at the wonders of Astronomy. He finds joy in watching movies, and during his free time, he delights in quality moments spent with his children.
31 Dec 2022 CodeProject MVP 2023



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