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I live in Prague, the capital city of Czech republic (most of the time Smile | :) ). I've been very interested in functional programming recently and I have a passion for the new Microsoft F# language. I'm writing a book about Functional Programming in the Real World that shows the ideas using examples in C# 3.0 and F#.

I've been Microsoft MVP (for C#) since 2004 and I'm one of the most active members of the F# community. I'm a computer science student at Charles University of Prague. My hobbies include photography, fractals and of course many things related to computers (except fixing them). My favorite book writers are Terry Pratchett and Philip K Dick and I like paintings by M. C. Escher.

PS: My favorite codeproject icon is Sheep | [baah] .


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GeneralThanks CodeProject ! Pin
Tomas Petricek31-Aug-04 11:26
MemberTomas Petricek31-Aug-04 11:26 
GeneralRe: Thanks CodeProject ! Pin
David Cunningham31-Aug-04 15:13
cofounderDavid Cunningham31-Aug-04 15:13 
GeneralRe: Thanks CodeProject ! Pin
Handy0121-Dec-07 6:23
MemberHandy0121-Dec-07 6:23 
QuestionThanks fro your code Pin
manoj221843-Jun-08 7:33
Membermanoj221843-Jun-08 7:33 
GeneralWow ! Pin
Tomas Petricek19-Apr-04 8:29
MemberTomas Petricek19-Apr-04 8:29 
GeneralRe: Wow ! Pin
Jovialn30-Aug-04 21:05
MemberJovialn30-Aug-04 21:05 
GeneralRe: Wow ! Pin
Tomas Petricek31-Aug-04 11:11
MemberTomas Petricek31-Aug-04 11:11 
GeneralSignature Pin
Tomas Petricek15-Mar-04 9:30
MemberTomas Petricek15-Mar-04 9:30 
GeneralRe: Signature Pin
Tomas Petricek15-Mar-04 9:49
MemberTomas Petricek15-Mar-04 9:49 
GeneralRe: Signature Pin
Tomas Petricek15-Mar-04 9:51
MemberTomas Petricek15-Mar-04 9:51 
GeneralRe: Signature Pin
Tomas Petricek15-Mar-04 9:52
MemberTomas Petricek15-Mar-04 9:52 
GeneralRe: Signature Pin
Tomas Petricek24-Apr-04 11:13
MemberTomas Petricek24-Apr-04 11:13 
GeneralRe: Signature Pin
Tomas Petricek7-Jul-05 10:19
MemberTomas Petricek7-Jul-05 10:19 
GeneralThe Sheep Project Pin
Tomas Petricek20-Oct-03 11:04
MemberTomas Petricek20-Oct-03 11:04 
GeneralRe: The Sheep Project Pin
Brian Delahunty3-Apr-04 4:51
MemberBrian Delahunty3-Apr-04 4:51 
GeneralBaaaa! Pin
Tomas Petricek17-Oct-03 3:35
MemberTomas Petricek17-Oct-03 3:35 
GeneralWow :) Pin
Tomas Petricek18-Jul-03 4:41
MemberTomas Petricek18-Jul-03 4:41 
GeneralTo the one who discovered :baaaa!: Pin
KaЯl17-Oct-03 3:31
MemberKaЯl17-Oct-03 3:31 

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