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Montreal is the second largest French city in the world, next to Paris. I like the fact that real estate is dirt cheap here, so cheap that software development alone enables a financial capacity to afford a nearly 2,000-square-foot luxurious condo right in the middle of Downtown Montreal, a 5-minute walk from my office, beside the largest and oldest art museum in Canada with visitors and tourists from all over the planet, including Hollywood stars. I've chosen C# as my first language at Code Project, because it is the only garbage-collected language and platform meeting the performance requirements for real-time game programming, proven by Unity. Code must be perfect, providing safety, security, performance, scalability, availability, reliability, maintainability, extensibility, portability, compatibility, interoperability, readability, productivity, just to name a few. C# is the only language that comes close, with Rust second to it. That being said, even C# is far from being perfect. I dream my own programming language, while on my journey to it. We will see how it goes!


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Delete a Question in Q&AYesSubEditor, Protector, Editor
Delete an Answer in Q&AYesSubEditor, Protector, Editor
Report an ArticlesilversilversilversilverSubEditor, Mentor, Protector, Editor
Approve/Disapprove a pending ArticlegoldgoldgoldgoldSubEditor, Mentor, Protector, Editor
Edit other members' articlesSubEditor, Protector, Editor
Create an article without requiring moderationplatinumSubEditor, Mentor, Protector, Editor
Approve/Disapprove a pending QuestionProtector
Approve/Disapprove a pending AnswerProtector
Report a forum messagesilversilverbronzeProtector, Editor
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Have the ability to send direct emails to members in the forumsProtector
Create a new tagsilversilversilversilver
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