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I have a table called Mst_Stock the Columns are Stk_Qty dataType is Float and Stk_ItmNo DataType is Numeric.

When i wrote a below code to Deduct the Qty from Mst_Stock When i pass the Integer value then its ok, but when its decimal value then its goes to exponation.

Please help on this.

Below is the ASP.Net Code

Private Sub Frm_StockUpdate(ByVal LdbM_NewStkQty As Double, ByVal LdbM_ItemNo As Double)

        Dim LdbM_TotalQty As Double

        cmd = New SqlClient.SqlCommand("Select * from Mst_Stock Where Stk_ItmNo=" & LdbM_ItemNo & "", con)

        dr = cmd.ExecuteReader()
        If dr.HasRows Then
            While dr.Read
                If IsDBNull(dr("Stk_Qty")) = False Then
                    LdbM_TotalQty = dr("Stk_Qty")
                    LdbM_TotalQty = LdbM_TotalQty - LdbM_NewStkQty

                    'LdbM_TotalQty = LdbM_TotalQty + LdbM_NewStkQty
                End If

            End While
        End If

        Dim LsM_Qryinsert2 As String
        LsM_Qryinsert2 = "update Mst_Stock set Stk_Qty=@Stk_Qty Where Stk_ItmNo=" & LdbM_ItemNo & ""
        cmd = New SqlClient.SqlCommand(LsM_Qryinsert2, con)
        cmd.CommandType = CommandType.Text

        cmd.Parameters.AddWithValue("Stk_Qty", LdbM_TotalQty)


    End Sub

What problem if i use float.

Thanks Basit.
Herman<T>.Instance 8-Jul-15 11:27am    
what have you tried?

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