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I Search about put two webconfig file,one for setting and the other for large amount of key/value with frequently change.the result was it difficult to organise the separation between development (which needs one set of web.config settings) and production (which needs different ones) an put key/value in database.what is proposed instead?

Similar discussion just took place in webconfig file in and change frequently[^].

In brief for large amounts of data and not related to actually configuring the server => I'd prefer database. Development and production would use separate databases so you can copy, modify and remove configuration items in both databases independently.
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NewWebDesigner 12-Jul-15 4:20am    
thanks.but i have one database for all.two web-config:one for connectionstring and other setting the other one for things that if change them dont need restart all app.what is proposed?
Wendelius 12-Jul-15 4:27am    
I'm not sure if I understand you correctly. By placing the key/value data into a database, XML file, or similar lets you control when you re-read the data and when you don't. This sounds like you're reading the data only when the app starts thus causing the need to restart the application.
NewWebDesigner 12-Jul-15 4:36am    
ok,but if i put key/value in other webconfig,is there any setting for when app restart and when dont restart as while i change webconfig?
Use app.config file key/value information
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NewWebDesigner 12-Jul-15 7:45am    
your idea is?use two web.config file?
Uzzal Kanti Barua 12-Jul-15 23:19pm    
app.config & web.config file
NewWebDesigner 13-Jul-15 6:05am    
ok,thats i use configsource or file?what is the difference?
if i put one in folder how can i set path and ExternalChange attribute?can you explain it?
Use web.config file for connection string & other related configuration.
Use app.config file for key-value pairs. For frequently changes elements keep in app.config file. So that you don't have change in web.config again & again.
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