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I have a desktop application connected to MS SQL database.
I'm using web services for communication between db and application, when I am accessing through local database its fine but whenever connection is changed to online database, application gets slow.

Any idea how to do the performance testing/calculate execution time function wise (like MS SQL Profiler).
Updated 14-Jul-15 19:44pm
Afzaal Ahmad Zeeshan 15-Jul-15 2:02am    
To test how long does your application takes to execute the functions (including extraction of data that you can use the profile to test and count) you should try using Stopwatch object and start it to count the time taken. But this won't help testing the network, for that you need to test the network bandwidth and traffic speed etc.
Shrikant S 15-Jul-15 2:39am    
Thanks for comment but, Stopwatch is not available in framework 4.0 (VS2010)
phil.o 15-Jul-15 8:37am    
Of course it is!
Stopwatch class[^]
Shrikant S 16-Jul-15 7:47am    
my apologies, I just searched it in the toolbox.
you are right Phil, thanks.

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If you're using Web services, one way to monitor the traffic is with Fiddler[^]

Also if you need to investigate the TCP/IP traffic Wireshark[^] would be one good tool for that.

Beoynd those I'd still use SQL Profiler to ensure that the operations in the database are running smoothly once the commands get there. That there are for example no missing indexes etc.
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Shrikant S 15-Jul-15 2:03am    
Thanks for your suggestions,
I have verified Stored procedures for that and almost all are fast, also same web services are used by other teams in Web and mobile applications and there also seems to be working fine.

Do you have any idea if there is any 'profiler' for Visual Studio like we have in SQL Server to monitor execution time and dependencies causing delays.
Wendelius 15-Jul-15 2:42am    
There are quite good tools in Visual Studio, but it depends on the edition if they are available or not. Have a look at[^].

Of course then there are 3rd party tools...
Shrikant S 15-Jul-15 5:36am    
Thanks Mika for the suggestion, discussion and help.
I found one.
Wendelius 15-Jul-15 5:46am    
Glad if it helped :)

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