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Hi Guys;
I have developed a simple windows application in C#(Visual studio .net 2005). The application was developed in Windows XP sp2 environment.It works fine in this environment(Works fine with all types of users). However when I try to run it in Vista or Windows 7 with normal users(less privileged user account) its asks for Windows administrator password. Its works fine in admin user account.
Please give a feed back as soon as possible.
Thank you.
Joshua Tully 11-Aug-10 22:31pm    
What are you asking about, what do you need help with you haven't provided enough information for us to identify a question to answer, we understand your app needs admin privileges are you asking about how to make it not need this access? If so you should post code that shows what the issue is or explain why the program needs admin access.
ajanthan_kt 12-Aug-10 6:44am    
I need the application to be executed in Windows Vista or Windows 7 with normal users(less privileged user account).Cheers
Toli Cuturicu 12-Aug-10 8:43am    
Reason for my vote of 2
Poor description of the actual problem.

1 solution

Try to find out, WHAT action of your program needs admin rights.

There are some ... limitations ... for what a program may do in Vista/7. One Example: A NON-Admin task may not write in his own program\directory (and this made me a lot of troubles with an .mdb located there ...)
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safame20 13-Jan-13 15:26pm    
I am facing similar problems. I have an application which works fine on windows xp but fails in windows 7 ultimate. It is a 32-bit application and i am trying it on 32-bit windows 7. On debugging I found that Windows 7 gives null exception error when I am comparing a textBox to a URL. Did not find a solution so far. I handled the null error but Still the program just won't work in windows7.

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