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Hi All,

i want to use vs2010 for vc++ application development. for that i have some doubts.

vs2010 requires xp SP3 and win installer 3.1 or later. so my doubt is if i develop my application in vs2010, can my application run smoothly in any Win Os like WinXP(sp1, sp2),vista(32 bit , 64 bit) and win7 also. if not then please tell me the requirement for installing my application.( actually i don't want my users must install some other tools or service pack in order to run and use my application).

advance Thanks to all for your valuable response.
Updated 2-May-11 4:02am

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Of course the programming environment will need some horsepower and libraries to work... this is why it needs to have some Service Packs installed to be able to work.

Your application is another story... You will be able to create different applications depending on what you do... you can create a console app that only cout a "hello world" message that would not need even SP1 in XP to work...

So the rule of thumb is:

when you'll deploy the app to different machines only the libraries that are not statically linked and that are not in the computer will be needed as an extra install.

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Jayant Narayan Dash 2-May-11 9:38am    
Thanks joan,

In my application i am using win32-API(USER and KERNEL) and MFC. I am not using any .NET framework or silverlite. and its not a problem for me to add all the requirement library with package and deployment.

Is Microsoft removing some APIs in latest version which available in earlier version or in latest Service Pack which are available in earlier service pack.
Joan M 2-May-11 9:46am    
Youe are wlecome!
I'm talking from my deeeeeep memory... so be warned... it is possibly not accurate: you should have only to be careful with the MFC libraries... you should have to deploy them with your project, but typically all the functions that have been present in older Service packs are deprecated and they don't recommend you to use them but they are still there... Anyway each function is a special case. I think that your best bet is to try it or to read all the documentation for all the functions you plan to use... Good luck!

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