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How can i use angularjs in mvc 5 project? and it is good to use angularjs in mvc project instead of using razor syntexs.? what is the real time project strucure in mvc. pleas help me. i am new to mvc and angularjs

If you start a project on the green filed I recommend:
If you do not use Razor or any autorization stuff for some views, I see no sens to use ASP.NET MVC (It would be only a "boiler"). You can start a project from scratch for example with yeoman. Then you have the whole structure.

I have good experience with:[^]
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AngularJS is just a JavaScript library for your client-side programming in a web application. Razor syntax on the other hand is a framework for server-side programming.

They work together, on both sides to provide a robust architecture for your application. You can write the server-side programming code using Razor syntax, and to handle all of the logic on client-side you can use AngularJS. No matter, whether you use AngularJS or not, Razor would be there in MVC.

To add the library to your web application, you should enter the script element in head section of your web application.

<script src=""></script>

It would include the AngularJS for you. Even if you don't do so, you can still run the application, provide data to users, by writing the Razor code in your views. AngularJS would just make client-side programming a little simpler, why don't you read the documentation[^]?
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