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I am an ASP.NET MVC developer and on a verge of starting of new CRUD SPA in ASP.NET MVC with AngularJS.

I don't even know the "ABC" of AngularJS but still trying to go through and other AJS links.

Below are the things I am looking for:-
1) As in AJS we create javascript controllers, then what will happen to the MVC controller? Do they have any linkage between them?
2) We already have routing in MVC, then what's the use of AJS routing?
3) Can anyone explain, what should be the "Solution architecture" for the SPA CRUD in ASP.NET MVC and AJS application?

Please let me know that right approach from ASP.NET MVC developer perspective.

1 solution

For 1) both angular and MVC controllers are different concepts. Angular controllers operate on the client side. MVC controllers operate on the server side.
2) Angular routing loads views without even hitting the server
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Varun Thakur 3-Aug-15 3:22am    
@Abhinav S: Thanks for the replying and I do understand that AJS (Controllers and Routing is pure javascript and runs at client side) but I want to understand it from there usage specially from ASP.NET MVC developer perceptive where these things run at server side. How and why AJS is running them side by side with ASP.NET MVC server side same features?

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