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Business scenario: Customer care executives will be filling the details of the customer’s queries. Once the details are entered, members of that support department should get e-mail with customer’s query details. Once the query is solved members of department will fill the reason for the problem and how they have fixed it.

Aim is to store all customers’ queries information in a custom list with current status of query.

1. Create custom list which should have fields to collect customer’s complete information, customer’s query and the status of the query.
2. Create InfoPath form which customer care executives will be using to fill in customer’s queries.
3. Once the details are entered by customer care executive, workflow should send mail to all the members of the support department.
4. Members of the department should be able to fill in the details of the cause of the problem and to change the status to “In progress”.
5. Once the query is resolved members of the department can change the status to “Fixed”.

1. Deployment package which installs a “feature”. When a “feature” is activated it should add custom list and workflow with InfoPath form.
2. Code for creating workflow.

General Guidelines:

1. Please provide a small write-up that talk about your design approach.
2. Please spend whatever time is available to you to make a decent delivery. Also include what features you wanted to include but could not do so because of lack of time. In such case, please provide the design in the document where the initial design approach is mentioned.
3. Use as much of design patterns as possible and required by the system. Do not use patterns just for the sake of using it.
4. Use Visual studio to create workflow.
5. If you feel you are not comfortable with some parts of the requirements, please simplify the design as much as possible. Just mention the design changes in the write-up provided.

If any one 'v some idea about my Requirements, please provide som solution..

R. Giskard Reventlov 18-Aug-10 5:03am    
Reason for my vote of 1
Looks suspiciously like homework to me.
Christian Graus 18-Aug-10 5:04am    
Reason for my vote of 1
OP is trying to cheat on his homework

1 solution

You should expect that your teacher knows how to use google and will find this post, and will therefore know that someone in his class is cheating. Even if we helped people cheat, you should expect that any advice given on this forum, if your teacher can see you followed it, will identify you as the cheat and cost you marks at least, and possibly your place in your course, which I'm sure they'd prefer to give to someone willing to do their own work.
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