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I want to insert my byte[] (byte array) to a column in my table (Data) which its type is varbinary(max) and I need to be able to download the data later so I don't want it to be changed.

Can anybody help me how can I insert buffer in my db and update it? I have used Buffer.BlockCopy(buffer,0,fl.Data,offset,count); but fl.Data varbinary type doed not match teh requirements of Buffer.BlockCopy
I also need to concat the buffer to "Data" each time a new piece arrives. and update the table

public Boolean WriteBlobsToDB(byte[] buffer,int offset,int id,string fileName,string fileType,string user,string md5){
            bool ok = false;

               FileList fl = new FileList(); //FileList is the name of my table

               fl.Id = id;
               fl.FileName = fileName;
               fl.FileType = fileType;
               fl.MD5 = md5;
               fl.UserID = user;
Updated 6-Sep-15 23:55pm

1 solution

If I am right, your Data field is of type System.Data.Linq.Binary.
You can assign value like this:
fl.Data = new System.Data.Linq.Binary(bytes);
Where bytes is your byte array.
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Lalyka 7-Sep-15 4:39am    
This is correct thanks.but how can I add the next blolb I receive to the present one and update my table?
Zoltán Zörgő 7-Sep-15 5:07am    
Looks simple: concatenate the two arrays
var z = new int[x.Length + y.Length];
x.CopyTo(z, 0);
y.CopyTo(z, x.Length);
Lalyka 7-Sep-15 5:55am    
I Updated my Question. thanks a lot for your time
Lalyka 7-Sep-15 5:21am    
grazie Zoltan and how to update after? because then after check the table there is nothing written inside
I tried to do FileList.InsertOnSubmit(wfl); but not working, no result

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