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i want to process 5 datable in multi threading asynchronously how to do

pls give me solution
its argent...
Toli Cuturicu 18-Aug-10 10:16am    
Reason for my vote of 1
it's not argent;
it's not even urgent; not to any of us, anyway
very little information given

Sorry, left my telepathic helm home. Can you provide detailed info on what you need?
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amitthakkar1987 18-Aug-10 9:51am    
i have 5 xml files and i create a datatable from that files if any new data come into xml file that time i want multi threading
Nyarost 18-Aug-10 9:55am    
You can create 5 threads. Which of them checks last change date of each XML file. For example, it can do this once per second. If file has changed, we parse XML and perform insertion. Each of threads can establish its own connection to database or use common connection protected by mutex. (
amitthakkar1987 19-Aug-10 10:14am    
pls give me a whole solution
Nyarost 19-Aug-10 10:37am    
I am not C# programmer. I don't know all library functions. But you can google them out simply. Try searching for mutex, thread, filesystem routines.
Establish a FileSystemWatcher to watch for the file change event, and when you detect one, start a thread that processes that file. You can even use a thread pool to manage the whole process.

Be a programmer. It doesn't hurt. Really.
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amitthakkar1987 19-Aug-10 10:15am    
i m using threding but i am handled properly

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