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Dear experts,
I want to design a graphical editor using Irrlicht engine! My software is divided into two parts. One user interface and second is a window which Irrlicht uses to draw on it! I want to use separate threads to avoid from interfering of GUI in Irrlicht drawing loop! Now i need to know which kind of thread i should use for each one!(Worker and UI Threads). I have used MFC platform!

void Irrlicht_Main_Process()
      //Draw anything here
   return true;

Best regards
Updated 2-May-10 0:34am

We'd need to know some more about the architecture of your project to give a really meaningful answer here. But on first examination, threading may not be such a good idea.
Since it seems clear that you want to do user interface stuff in both parts of your program, you should stick to the following general rules:

Do not access user interface objects from a thread different than the one in which the object was created.
If you want to communicate with a user interface object in another thread, do so through the normal message loop, so use send_message or post_message.
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Before even staring multithreading programming with MFC, please read the Dr.Newcomer's articles about, for instance "Using User-Interface Threads" and "Using Worker Threads".
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Do you want to embed your Irrlicht scene into an MFC window ? If yes, I suggest that you render the Irrlicht scene by overriding the CWinApp::OnIdle[^] method of your application class.
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