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I am working on a webinar project, but I am getting stuck at how to achieve Video streaming while receiving Live video.

So, please if anyone has any idea about this problem, then please reply as soon as you can.

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Updated 23-Aug-10 8:31am

You can't write ASP.NET code to do this, you need to embed a control that does it, like windows media player, or a control you write. If you write it in Java, it will work in Firefox and not just IE, I believe. An ActiveX control is IE only. Silverlight may also support other browsers.
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ASP.NET is a server side processing. I don't think ASP.NET would be in control of a Video Stream.

Have a look at this discussion [^]on the same with various links in it for the same.

This[^] site too looks interesting for video streaming.
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ASP.NET is actually a technology to produce client side controls and easily handle the controls from the serverside.

Server side runs separately that of client side. So once you produce the output from the client you are now dealing only with the htmls. You can produce object or embed tags to embed a control that is capable of invoking asynchronous streaming request to the server again from the browser. Those controls might be any silverlight or Flash applets which might call your server to get the actual stream.

There are lots of capabilities introduced with Silverlight lately which might allow you to show live streaming over network.
The tutorial might help :[^]
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