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I have a class.
public class VoiceElementsLine : ILine
       public Guid LineId { get; set; }
       public TelephonyServer TelephonyServer { get; set; }
       public virtual ChannelResource ChannelResource { get; set; }
       public LanguageData LangInfo { get; set; }

       public string InboundDnis
           get { return _inboundDnis; }

       private readonly Logger _appLog = GetCurrentLogger();
       private SipChannel _incomingSipChannel;
       public VoiceResource IncomingVoiceResource { get; private set; }
       private ServerInfo _serverInfo;
       private string _inboundDnis, _inboundAni, _inboundIp;
       private DateTime _callDate;

       public void RunCallScript()
           var callFlowApp = GetCallFlowApplication();

       private void AnswerSipChannel()

       public ICallFlowApplication GetCallFlowApplication()
           var inboundValues = _inboundDnis.Split('_');
           var appId = byte.Parse(inboundValues[0]);

           var appFactory = GetApplicationFactoryInstance();
           var callFlowApp = appFactory.GetApplication(appId);
           return callFlowApp;

       public IApplicationFactory GetApplicationFactoryInstance()
           return VoiceElementsCallFlowService.Container.GetInstance<IApplicationFactory>();

       public void PlayPromptTextToSpeech(string promptText)

       public void PlayPromptFile(string promptFile)

       public string GetUserInput(int maxDigits)
           IncomingVoiceResource.MaximumDigits = maxDigits;
           return IncomingVoiceResource.DigitBuffer;

       private void in_ChannelResource_Disconnected(object sender, DisconnectedEventArgs e)
           _appLog.Info("Inbound Disconnect Event");

       public void SetupLine()
               _incomingSipChannel = ChannelResource as SipChannel;
               _incomingSipChannel.Disconnected += in_ChannelResource_Disconnected;
               _serverInfo = TelephonyServer.GetServerInfo();
               IncomingVoiceResource = _incomingSipChannel.VoiceResource;
               IncomingVoiceResource.Codec = Codec.PCM_8Khz_8Bit;

               _inboundDnis = ChannelResource.Dnis;
               // Ex: if dialstring is facilityidInmatePIN@
               // then InboundDnis = languagefacilityIdInmatePIN; 1_1_163_1234@
               _inboundAni = ChannelResource.Ani;
               _inboundIp = _incomingSipChannel.RemoteCallControlAddress;
               _callDate = DateTime.Now;

           catch (Exception ee)

The corresponding interface ILine
public interface ILine
       Guid LineId { get; set; }

       void RunCallScript();
       void PlayPromptTextToSpeech(string promptText);
       void PlayPromptFile(string promptFile);
       string GetUserInput(int maxDigits);
       void Hangup();

In my unit tests, first I want to make sure the method SetupLine is executed. So I use Moq.
        public void SetupLine_Should_Properly_Setup_Codec()
            // ARRANGE
            Mock<VoiceElementsLine> voiceElementsLineMock = new Mock<VoiceElementsLine>()
            { CallBase = true};
            Mock<TelephonyServer> telephonyServerMock = new Mock<TelephonyServer>();
            Mock<ChannelResource> channelResourceMock = new Mock<ChannelResource>(telephonyServerMock) ;
            voiceElementsLineMock.SetupGet(x => x.ChannelResource).Returns(channelResourceMock.Object);
            var voiceElementsLine = voiceElementsLineMock.Object;

            // ACT

            // ASSERT
            Assert.True(voiceElementsLine.IncomingVoiceResource.Codec== Codec.PCM_8Khz_8Bit);

Please notice notice ChannelResource has a constructor which is TelephonyServer.
However I got the error
An exception of type 'System.NotSupportedException' occurred in mscorlib.dll but was not handled in user code

Thanks for help with the code and hints.
Updated 10-Jan-23 6:03am
ZurdoDev 15-Oct-15 9:08am    
The error tells you what to do. What exactly is your question?

In your test, you are mocking the concrete class 'VoiceElementsLine'. You should be mocking interfaces - not concrete classes (though you are able to do so in Moq if the concrete class has a public default constructor).

So, in your test you should use:
Mock<ILine> voiceElementsLineMock = new Mock<ILine>() { CallBase = true};
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I supose your class
dont have a default constructor or empty,
public void ChannelResource(){}
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[no name] 15-Oct-15 9:31am    
But it has a constructor. Even I imagine it doesn't have a default constructor, the error is still there.
you need to implement all mehtos of teh interface, public void Hangup(){} is not implement yet
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