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I need to do a project with 3-tier

as I understand the 3 tier architecture work like that:

I have the view-the UI of the user,I have the BLL that have the business logic and the DAL+Model-(I want to use in entity framework)-these three are different projects on the same solution and for using it on 3 different computers

the view have reference to the BLL project and the BLL have reference to the entity framework project

moreover the view cant have access to database

if i didn't correct i will be glad if you fix me

my questions are:

do I need use mvvm in this project?

in case that the answer is "yes" where should i put it-with the bll or with the view?

I want that the program will work in inner network-so after i finish this project how can I separate it to three computers (in case that they are already on the same network)?

I saw some one that wrote that he is using wcf in 3 tier architecture-do I need to use it too?

thank you in advance for your help
Updated 21-Oct-15 4:52am
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 21-Oct-15 9:59am    
No, you don't need to use MVVM, you need to decide yourself what you want to use. MVVM has nothing to do with tiers...
You don't have any predefined need to do anything which "someone" has done. What you really need is using your own head.

Krunal Rohit 21-Oct-15 10:07am    
Umm, let's say you want to sing. So how'd you like to sing, like Howie Day or Taylor Swift ?
Meaning you just need to decide this on your own. Hope I'm clear :-)


MVVM is a UI layer pattern so obviously must be used in UI layer. As you have BL and DL layer too, In your ViewModel classes of MVVM, you should be using your exiting Models and BL code. And per 3 layer architecture BL would be using DL.

For more have a look on[^].

But first be rational if you really need to have MVVM, and below page will help you:[^]

Then same issue of MVVM with 3-layers architecture is discussed on below pages also and hope those will help you too:[^][^]

We can discuss over further specific questions if you have any. Thanks.
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We cannot decently answer to your question, it is too vague.

You may need to follow several tutorials around WPF, WCF, MVVM or not, to get a closer idea of what you are going to need, and which tool will be the most useful for you. We cannot do that for you, deciding with which technology you will realize your project. The only one that has this ability is yourself.

That actually means a lot of work, yes, but there is no valuable knowledge without effort.
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