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When I run the web application it gives an following Message on Google Chrome.
It is happens after one or two successful run/ deguge. What is issue? is there problem in IIS ?

Unable to connect to the proxy server

Gyaneswar kumar 18-Nov-15 6:40am    
please share the code..
Kishor-KW 18-Nov-15 6:43am    
Which code, because its vast one. and error is not about code else it were not run at all. As I said It bebug 1 or 2 time but after it show chrome window with that message.
Richard MacCutchan 18-Nov-15 6:59am    
Well no one here can guess what the code is doing to produce that error. So you need to do some debugging and find out where it occurs and show us just the piece of code that has the problem.
Kishor-KW 18-Nov-15 7:09am    
Yes Sir, I agree that code simplifies question but I can't understand actually where is the problem.I debug, but debug work when at least one time webform open in chrome after pressing F5 key. In simple I can say that problem is, it shows window as when system is not connected to the internet or network is not available.
Sinisa Hajnal 20-Nov-15 5:48am    
Check project properties, use local IIS Express instance for debugging. Then check your browser settings, turn off any proxy use and try again. It sounds as if you're trying to access something through the proxy and when you disconnect, the proxy is no longer available.

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