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I am using Gloox to develope Gtalk IM. But I an unable to connect gtalk server using http proxy.

I am unable to get exact function call for proxy:
If u know the steps for it then please let me know.
ConnectionTCPClient* conn0 = new ConnectionTCPClient( j->logInstance(),"Proxy_server", Proxy_port);
      ConnectionHTTPProxy* conn1 = new ConnectionHTTPProxy( j, conn0, j->logInstance(),"", 5222 );

Please help me.

Thanks and Regards,
Aniket Patil.

Added additional information provided in comments (which I then deleted)
Updated 21-Jun-11 2:25am
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 20-Jun-11 3:40am    
What exactly is the problem?
Keith Barrow 21-Jun-11 8:26am    
Please add the information to the question so everyone can read it easily. I have done this for you as a demonstration. I will delete these comments.


This was in response to the OP adding the actual question details into a comment which I deleted, not directed to SAKryukov!
Keith Barrow 21-Jun-11 11:41am    
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