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Good day to you all, please i need a help with the following:

I get the following error: "column is invalid in the select list because it is not contained in either an aggregate function or the group by clause when i ran the query;
SELECT CardType, Sum(Amount) AS Total
WHERE TransDate='22/11/2015'

My intention is to get a set of record that show the total value for a specific cardtype on a specified date.

Please any will be appreciated.

Thank you
Updated 4-Dec-15 0:55am
CHill60 4-Dec-15 6:58am    
Are you sure that is the error generated by that code? There is nothing wrong with that query (although I suspect there is a problem with your schema looking at that date)
Frankie-10589807 4-Dec-15 9:16am    
Yes Mr. Chill60, that is the error message i got while at the ssrs, but when i ran the same querry in sql server, this is what i got: "Conversion failed when converting date and / or time from character string"

Thank you Mr. Chill60 for your assistance, actually i am a beginner in this.Thanks again.
CHill60 4-Dec-15 9:27am    
I assume the column TransDate is defined as Date?
In which case try using an unambiguous date format i.e.
WHERE TransDate = '22-NOV-2015'
Once you fix that issue there must be something else in the report that is causing the original error you posted
Frankie-10589807 4-Dec-15 10:10am    
Yes Mr. Chill60, the TransDate field is defined as Date, and using this format:
WHERE TransDate = '22-NOV-2015' in the sql server side, the query ran well. thank you very much, but i also want to ask, is it possible to set a parameter that reference that field from the same query?

I really appreciate your assistance Mr. Chill60, you know, You are just a genius. Thanks again.
Frankie-10589807 4-Dec-15 10:29am    
Hi Mr. Chill60, Wish to inform you that all is now working correctly even when i used a parameter to reference that field "TransDate" at the ssrs side. I thank you so much and more power to your elbow.


1 solution

Posting as solution as OP has confirmed it worked.

Use an unambiguous date format so that SQL does not try to convert the string. i.e.
WHERE TransDate = '22-NOV-2015'

In response to the further comments, you can get the details for all of the dates thus:
SELECT CardType, TransDate, Sum(Amount) AS Total
GROUP BY CardType, TransDate
ORDER BY TransDate

Or if you want to run the report for a single date have a look at Lesson 1 on the following tutorial
Adding parameters to reports[^]
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Richard Deeming 4-Dec-15 11:15am    
The only truly unambiguous date literal format for SQL is yyyyMMdd, with no separators.
WHERE TransDate = '20151122'
Frankie-10589807 4-Dec-15 11:37am    
Ok, thank you so much Mr. Richard. I appreciate.

CHill60 8-Dec-15 10:29am    
Very, very good point - not only is this locale-independent (which I wasn't :blush:) but remains unambiguous for datetime in the older versions of SQL Server
Frankie-10589807 15-Dec-15 10:56am    
You are right Mr. Deeming, however, the date format provided by Mr. Chill60 for my challenge work well and to me it reduces the complexity of the initial format i used. These things are machines you know, sometimes they behave in a surprising way. thank you for contributing to the solution for my challenges.

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